Friday, October 12, 2007

Marker mishaps!!

1st off- this is my 5th post today- and I'm happy to say my house is completely back to normal and I will wake up to it all fresh and clean:) That is the best feeling EVER! So- if you are just now reading go down to the beginning of October (started today) and you will understand ALL my posts so far today! Onto the markers!

So, I'm pretty good at keeping the markers up high and away from my kids, unless I'm around. Well - sometimes- no matter how good I think I'm hiding them, or whatever- my kids ALWAYS find them and get to them! So- here is the latest..... Erin did this- she is the marker queen! She made a little ladder, reached up to my very high cupboard and got out the markers. Now- when markers are all over the place and I'm unsure of what happened to ALL of them- and I think I actually have ALL of them- I end up finding things like this.... a brand new BIG red "smiley face" written on my carpet in front of the tv! This was done by my 5 year old cousin, who was over playing recently. Now- I've gotten my kids to stay OFF the walls, hence the repainting post earlier.... the carpets are next! Anyways- I've gotten quite used to my kids writing on the carpet- if I catch them in the act- of course they are scolded- but I don't get in a hissy over it or all stressed (and I think this bugs Chet!LOL!) Anyhow- when we first moved in- Erin decided she thought it would be fun to have sitting spots in front of the tv. She had Dante and Ethan sit and then drew big circles around them- again in red... and then she sat and drew one around her...... they have faded over the last couple of years... but you can still see them. Oh it is so funny to laugh about it now! So- again- not a big stickler now that my carpets are already marked up... so today- while my friends were over and their kids were playing.... one of my friends little girl (2) - who is also one of my adorable nursery children! - decides to take hot pink marker and scribble it on the carpet... now- I'm cool! I honestly didn't care- but my poor friend felt awful! I kept telling her- oh, believe me I've seen worse on my carpets- from nail polish - every color, to marker, to pen, to stamps, etc.... and that we were going to rip them up asap anyway..... so then when the poor little girl came to apologize... I wanted to let her know I saw humor in it- kids ARE kids... and I told her, next time will you do it in blue though... because I like blue better then red! So- I think everyone went home feeling better about it! Those are the things in life- that just don't matter that much- it is GOING to happen- and I'd rather not traumatize a child.... and exemplify it's okayity:) My new word!

Now- I'm off for good- Chet will be home any minute- and I want to get some more reading in before we watch a movie!


Morgan said...

Bertie I love you! I hope I can be like you one day.. I think I would wet my pants if there was marker on my carpet.. I hope by the time Brent knows how to use a marker I will be able to laugh when he does something like that! : )

Morgan said...

P.S... that was me that deleted a comment.. I posted the same one twice by accident!