Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh, yeah- almost forgot.............

Along with the painting- I forgot to mention what else is getting fixed! For those of you who don't know.... Erin used to love eating anything BUT food! She didn't understand that paper was not food. Well- whenever you couldn't find Erin- you knew she was somewhere- under the table, in a closet... eating paper! In fact- 2 of my favorite stories to tell about Erin's paper eating habit- are:

1. She ate my dad's temple recommend. Yes- this is true... and he was like- so what am I going to say to the bishop- my granddaughter ate my temple recommend?? You think he'll literally believe it? I mean- she DEVOURED the whole thing! Not just took a bite- I mean - ate it up- no trace left but a little tiny piece when we pulled it out of her mouth! My dad LOVES that story!

2. When Dante and Erin started preschool- I was so so so so so excited for their first Valentines party!! So, as soon as I picked them up from school and we got home- I threw their Valentines bags on the table- and was like "Look at all this candy you guys got!!" Yes- I was WAY more excited then either of them! Dante did humor me though! Dante had just turned 4 and Erin was 2 1/2. So- I pick up a piece of candy and Dante picks up a piece of candy- and I give Erin one. Not 5 seconds later- I look over.... and what do I see-- I see 2 children with probably 100 pieces of candy on the bar in front of them, and I see Dante madly devouring his chocolate- and I see Erin happily chewing on one of her Valentines-- i think it was a Barbie one. So- needless to say- the paper chewing had to stop!

Now- you are probably wondering why that has to do with anything getting fixed in our house with the painters. Well, after we kept telling her no paper and would try our hardest to keep it out of her reach- she decided she would start a new chewing habit and starting eating our walls! Yes- any corner she would chew the paint right off, down to the sheetrock! In every room, wherever there was a window- she would just go to town! I have only caught her doing this once - she is that good! Anyhow- I did talk to my pediatrician about it- and he said that the paint isn't dangerous and just stop her whenever I see her doing it. Something called Picah--- incase your child ever does this:)

So- all of our "corners" have now been repaired! I'm so glad- and she has not done this for probably 1.5 years now- she is 5! So, that is just a funny tidbit of fact- that I thought you would ALL love to know:)

And 3 things about Dante real quick:

1. Last night we were driving out of my moms drive way after dinner and it was dark outside-- and the Bishopric is walking up my parents front walkway- Dante only sees 3 men in suits and he asks oh so seriously and VERY intrigued, "Are those secret agents??"

2. This morning after I got Dante up from school i asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he says- I'm not hungry. So, he gets dressed and does all of his usual morning things of getting ready and I ask- ok are you ready for breakfast now- and he goes - No, mom! How many times do I have to tell you? He said it in a very sweet tone, like helloooo?? Are you losing it mom- don't you remember ANYTHING??

3. I'm so proud of him- he now walks to and from school ALL by himself! It is sooooo nice:) He is a true big 1st grader!


the smoots said...

Hey Bertie!! It has been SOOO long! I'm glad to see that your little family looks well and happy - two kids, right? I'm so curious to hear more about what you're up to! Thanks for finding me! Keep in touch!

Peachblossm said...

Oh Bertie!

You are SUCH an inspiration.

I think when I grow up I want to be like you. You are so happy and positive. That's just what I want to be.

Not to mention adorable and fit to boot!

I'm so glad I know you. Your whole family is just amazing!

Andrea said...

Those stories about Erin were hilarious! She'll love that when she's 16:) Good luck with the painting. I love painting. One of these days we'll have a house to paint. I would love to see how the "totally tan turns out.

Me and Them said...

Your kids are getting SO big! Etan looks so much like you! Erin...pica huh? Well it made me laugh, but I'm glad she's okay. Dante is so grown up! Time keeps marching on...we keep trying to catch up. :D