Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday weekend to MEEE!:)

(my youngest sis, Emily and me at her football game! Isn't she too cute!:))

Yesterday (October 28 - Sunday) I turned 27!! Whoo-hoo! I don't feel OLD at all... and most my friends will be like- Bertie, we are getting sooo old! And- I think- we are??, and I always wondered why they felt so old, and I felt so young... as I thought more and more about it - I realized- oh, yeah! Chet is 5 1/2 years older then me!! So- I will ALWAYS feel young:)

Saturday afternoon my family took me to Pappasito's, which is my FAVORITE restaurant! I could eat there every night.... if I wouldn't get so fat from it. If you are ever visiting anywhere in Texas- you need to see if there is a Pappasito's there- and GO! It is mexican food- and it is the best! Then after eating we headed over to Clement's homecoming game. Emily is a varsity cheerleader and I have not seen her cheer at a game ever (me and her have been the only highschool cheerleaders in the family- and it was looking for a while that I was going to be the only one, so I was SOOOO excited when she told me she was going out for cheerleader and made it!!!)- and my kids had never been to a high school football game - so we thought it would be fun. We won like 40-0 and maybe it is because David Carr's little brother is our quarter back... who knows- but this year Clements is undefeated. I have not been to a highschool football game in about 7 years or so - I forgot how much fun they are- and the weather was perfect! Here are some fun pics from the game.

Ethan hanging out! Does he not look like the Olsen twins here, when they were little on Full House??

Erin hanging out in her beloved "fur" coat!

Dante and Josh (Emily's boyfriend). Which reminds me- I had trained Ethan pretty well to answer "Mitt Romney" anytime I asked him who he wanted for President. I hadn't asked him in a while- so about a month ago I asked him- who he wanted for President again and he goes, " Grandpa and Josh" - so he even knew who he wanted for Vice President-- made them both feel good:)
Here is my mom, dad and Ethan being silly!

Erin and Dante haning out! Oh- and Clement's mascott is the Ranger... so they are the Clement's Rangers. So- as the cheerleaders were cheering they would say "Go, Rangers" and Dante looked at me and goes- MOM!! Why are they cheering for our family?? :) Ranger is such a fun last name!

Then Sunday night we had our traditional "favorite meal" and MY traditional pumpkin World Class Chocolate Baskin Robbins cake! It was soooo good as always- I think I have had this same exact cake since I was like 5!
Here is a picture of me and my only neice on my family's side. It is so weird to be the Aunt vs. the mom! I've always just been the mom. This is Clementine aka "Minnie". Isn't she so adorable!!

So, with the highschool football game and me turning 27 and all my friends thinking I'm old--- I thought- I LOVE getting older! I learn so much each year that goes by and I have more experience! As much as I LOVED highschool- I wouldn't go back. I love my life now- and as much as I loved the "honeymoon" phase of my marriage- I wouldn't go back! As much as I loved my kids as "babies" - I love moving forward (yes, I'm ready to have another) but- right now I love where I am at, and where my kids are at... and look forward to moving forward in life.... Each year that goes by- still shapes me and who I am... for the better (I hope!) In "Mans Search for Meaning" Viktor Frankl makes a statement about how when younger people see older people, they are thinking- man, I bet that old person wishes they were young again.... but then he goes onto say- that the older person is REALLY thinking-- I'm so glad I am at where I am at- and that I'm not 20 and going through all that again! Yes- maybe they do wish they had the health of a 20 year old- but they have the LIFE experience of an 80 year old- and they wouldn't trade that for the world! So- bring on more life experience - because I want to keep growing!! Here is to my 27th year and to learning in life, no matter what it may bring!


~~Heidi~~ said...

Happy Birthday to you... Looks like you had a good one, it always makes it better with family in it!

Monica said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Bertie!! It was so fun to see you all on Saturday though I didn't get to talk to you that much!

Your birthday looked fabulous - what a fun celebration weekend. And you sound like you already have a lot of the wisdom of an 80 year old. Pass some on over here... :)

Avery's mommy said...

Yah Happy Birthday Bert! I can't believe you are that old..hehe! I feel ancient. I loved seeing the pics of you and your family! Emily is so grown up, I had to look twice because she reminds me soo much of Elise. I still remember them when they were babies!! I loved the pic of your parents..tell them I love them and miss them dearly!!!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Bertie! Thanks for explaining that your last name is Ranger. It makes so much more sense now! I just thought you had a lot of Clements pride! Either way, go Rangers!

Gina said...

Okay, that last comment was by me, Gina. Sorry, I was logged on as someone else, and didn't realize it.

Me and Them said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday Berite Dear!
I'm glad you had a great day! You are such a wonderful person and I feel so lucky to have lived close to you (and to have been VT partners) Hope you have a fantastic year! :D

rangersRus said...

AWWWW!! Thanks so much EVERYONE for your birthday wishes:) I'm so happy to be living in a world o blog time era and being in touch again with each and everyone of you! You are ALL amazing- and a part of me has been "shaped" by knowing you;)

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday, Bertie. You're just a pup. I'm a ripe 34. I remember my 20's. My life is better now.

Lindsey said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a great one! Here's to both of us turning 27!