Saturday, October 13, 2007

YEAH!! Here's #2!

Here is Erin seeing for the 1st time what it is like to be on the webcam. Silly kids!! How funny would we, as adults, look like doing something like this! Kind of reminds me of like when you go to Sam's you can do a little jig and see yourself on their tvs! It's great to be a kid:)


Monica said...

You are the blogging queen - I was so excited when I checked out your blog and found that I had a good 30 minutes of reading material!!! You are so funny and your kids are just adorable!! I love reading about your life and the cute things your kids do.

YES we should definitely go to Dewberry sometime! The kids would have such a great time. Madison asks about Erin quite often - she was excited to see the little video of her.

Love you!