Monday, October 15, 2007

House is getting prepped!:)

So, last night Chet and I picked out all of our colors for our house! I'm so excited! I'm the type of shopper- the 1st color I see that I love I'm like- yes! That's it- let's go- let's go RIGHT NOW! I don't look around for something that might be a little better or cheaper or anything like that - I completely trust my judgement. Chet on the other hand is quite the opposite-- he'll shop and shop and shop and then go back and make sure he made the right decision, etc... So, last night- I thought it was sooooo funny while we were looking through the big old Sherwin William's Paint Color thingy - I started to look through the colors that I would like for a basic traditional color throughout the main rooms- and I chose "totally tan". Well- Chet did not like that color ONE bit (mainly because he didn't want people asking what color we used- and he didn't want to say-- our house is "totally tan" dude)- so we moved on, and kept trying to find a color he liked. (I'm not the picky one- he is!:)) I didn't want to go super dark- because I like things lighter and brighter-- So we decided we will move onto the colors that we would like for our Master Bedroom and Bath- and the Dining room - since those would be our "colored rooms" We figures out the Master bath pretty fast- we are going with a color called Distance- and it is blue greyish-- kind of like a midnight blue- it is really, really pretty. Moved onto our bedroom. In our master bedroom we have a "chair rail" We also have one in our dining room- so we decided to do 2 seperate colors one above the chair rail and one below. We wanted a deep red in our room and dining room- but he was unsure of what he wanted to do for the 2nd color. So, I leave and start doing some things around the house, and say- just let me know when you have narrowed it down and I'll come back and say GREAT!:) So, he pulls up the Sherwin Williams online check paint thing- where you can "paint" your own rooms virtually to see how it will look. Well, he calls me back and he is like I want Fireweed and TOTALLY TAN! I was like- see - 6 hours later- we are back to "totally tan" So- in our master we will do fireweed above the chair rail and totally tan below. In the dining room we went with fireweed above, and below the chair rail Arresting Auburn.... below the chair rail, we also have like these rectangle things - which we will paint fireweed inside. We'll see how it turns out- and I'll post pics as soon as it is done:) The rest of the house we are painting "totally tan" It should all be done by Friday!! I'm so excited!!