Thursday, October 18, 2007

Having too much fun with this "time off"

Ok- so I guess I'm having too much fun with my time off- where I kind of feel obligated to stay here with the painters incase they need to ask me something- even though they haven't yet needed to ask me anything thus far! So, here is what I do when I'm "bored"

Here is what Erin looks like after we are coloring together and I decide to mark her forehead in yellow! (They also hate it when they are coloring and I "accidently" push their marker or crayon in the opposite direction)

Here is Ethan after I decided to pants him. They think it is soooo funny!

And this is a random shot.... but I was talking with Chet in the office... and I looked out the window because I thought I saw a cat go by... but then I saw more of it and it was an ARMADILLO! It was crazy! I mean I see them all the time camping in Texas-- but not in my own front yard... so I went to go get a great picture of the Armadillo since he was so close- - but I couldn't find him anywhere- I'm all looking in the bushes and saying "where are you little fellow" and then I go to the side of my house- and he is already in the street!! This little guy was so super fast- and I'm SO glad he did not get smushed by a car at the same time I was taking a picture- it was right afterwards! I'm just kidding- he made it across safely as far as I could see!

I also got to clean my blinds today- because my painter guy took them down so he could paint. So, I thought- why not clean them- I'll never take them down, because I won't know how to put them back up! So, I took them out back and got all my kids in their swimsuits and got out the hose and a bucket of soapy water.... and sprayed them down and the blinds too! It was a lot of fun- and I was so mad- because my hubby took the camera to work with him - so no pictures!! But- I did discover - that when you try to clean the blinds by yourself- it might be better in the bathtub-- this was my first time to clean blinds and learned my lesson- because outside they still get dirty again- unless someone is holding them- so I tried to one arm it- and it didn't really work... but they still got clean:)

Update on paint: 2 rooms are completely done- and I'll be putting them back together shortly and taking pics for ya'll to see.

Oh- and this paint drys sooooo fast! Right after the guy finished rolling one room he comes out and Ethan runs in like 15 min. later and grabs the wall and almost gave me a heart attack.... but no paint came off onto his hand.. and the wall still looked perfect! Thank goodness for fast drying paint.


Jill Hunt said...

You sound like a very fun mom!

Me and Them said...

Glad the painting is going well! I'm also glad the amradillo didn't get run over...because then you'd have to eat it right? Isn't that what they do in Texas? :D kidding!

Lindsey said...

An armadillo! No way! That is crazy! You'd never see that in utah!