Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend at the beach in mid October!!!

This weekend was very fun and very eventful!! Our whole family had a wonderful time! It started Friday night. Chet and I went on our date night and we used my parents season tickets to go see Dreamgirls on Broadway here in Houston. It was amazing!! I have not yet seen the movie... but the talent and the theatrics were amazing in this production. Going to Houston's Broadway shows has been such a treat for me and Chet. Ever since I was 16 my parents have had season tickets to TUTS. Well, when we moved back to Houston 3 years ago, we decided to get seasons tickets too, because we both love that kind of stuff. However, the following year - we decided to get a different broadway series seasons tickets because they were playing more shows that we would like to see-- but we never got around to buying them... so we missed out on that year completely and we REALLY, REALLY missed it! It was like a treat night date night on show nights!! My parents also missed seeing us at intermission, etc... so this year- they bought 8 seasons tickets vs. the 4 they usually get.... and have invited us to come along each time! So, this season so far we have seen Whistle Down the Wind and Dreamgirls- then over Christmas we will see It's a Wonderful Life and I'm sooooo excited for that one! Our seats are amazing too- can't really beat 3rd row orchestra:) So- that was Friday night!!!

Then since I had promised my kids all week we would go see Christie down at her "beach house" (apartment 2 blocks from the beach), we packed up Saturday morning and headed down to see her after she got off from work. It was one of the prettiest day EVER!! It was so perfect! As you can see from the pictures NOT a cloud in the sky- it was about 80 degrees with a light breeze and the water was cooler then it is during the summer time, but not as cold as the pacific ocean. The kids had a blast! I remembered to bring my camera this time:) And my kids behaved pretty perfectly.... I'm still amazed-- the whole car ride down and back (1 hour each way) they didn't fight, they didn't whine... and the DVD player wasn't working either! It was great!

Playing in the waves with Aunt Christie!!

Ethan - he prefers to run up and down, up and down, up and down when the waves are going out and coming in!

Dante, Ethan, and Erin playing in the sand. Digging and then getting mad when the water comes up and fills their holes.
Dante and Ethan burying their feet in the sand!
Ethan playing on one of the sand dunes and pushing the sand off the "cliff"

Here is Dante being the recipient of the sand being thrown down from the "cliff" by Ethan, due to the breeze, and still finding a way to pose for the picture!Here is fun Aunt Christie and Erin snuggling on the beach!

After the beach we went back to Christies apartment and showered and got cleaned up to go back out for the night. We went to the Rain Forrest Cafe for dinner and while we were waiting for our names to be called- we went on their "scary" river ride. I tried to catch some of their scared expressions- but they didn't really get scared. Christie was the scaredest of them all!! Maybe that is because they have seen too many scary movies and they know what is real and what isn't?? Hey- I was subjected to IT when I was 5 - so I didn't think it was a bad thing for my kids to watch it either... LOL!

Aunt Christie scared to DEATH with Ethan trying to get a better look at the monster!

Erin's candid moment!

Dante isn't liking something?!
Here is Christie again freaked out- and Ethan is just kind of like... is it over yet?? Me and the kids waiting for Dad to come meet us!

Dad makes it and we are trying to take a nice family shot--- and well-- this is the best it is going to get:) LOL!! The frog was just too tempting- and I could see Ethan falling backwards right into the water!
And here is a pic of me and Chet. We love weekends like this where it is out of the ordinary- but we also love our weekends when they are nice and quiet at home:) I guess that is the person you want to wind up with- when you enjoy eachother- no matter what you are doing!! I sure did get lucky:)


~~Heidi~~ said...

Bertie, Yes I remember you. I wish we could have gotten to know you better! Your kids have all grown up. Time sure does go fast! Keep in touch! Heidi

Monica said...

What a fun weekend! I love how you do such cool things with your kids. :) I think everyone in this world needs an Aunt Christie to visit in Galveston! Love you guys.

Me and Them said...

oohhh....We just brought out the winter clothes. I'm a little, no a lot, green with envy. I'm glad you had a wonderful day with your family!

Morgan said...

BERTIE! I am jealous. I want a weekend with CHRISTIE! I really wish it was somehow legal for me to marry Christie, but it just won't work on so many levels. : ) haha. I got a little pit in my stomach when I saw all those pictures of your kids with her! How fun! And I bet dreamgirls was SO good!

Mrs. B said...

I'm so jealous that you get to go to plays all the time! I'm a little obsessed with theatre, but we really don't get to go much since we're poor semi-newly weds ;) If Aida is ever in town, you must go see it! It is my absolute favorite (I've seen it twice on Broadway).