Monday, January 14, 2008

and WE go out with a BANG!

You will want to stay tuned for the WHOLE story and nothing BUT the WHOLE story!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Sugar Land, TX! The kids behaved amazingly in church and everything was going perfect, except for my black necklace spontaneously breaking- and sending thousands of black beads EVERYWHERE! Every once in a while- I'd see someone 5 rows in front of me pick up a bead and look back-- but didn't know who it belonged too. Yeah- that is what I get for buying a 2 dollar necklace. I wasn't mad- i just felt really stupid. Then I had a great YW lesson- and I felt like they all participated beautifully and that they got the message they were supposed to hear! It was going PERFECTLY- and I was soooo looking forward to going home and taking my little nap before dinner time.

But what happened?? Oh, you really want to know what happened?? Well, on my way home from church I stop off at my moms to get some AA batteries for my camera, because I was out- and I wanted to take some pictures. I get back in the car and as I am pulling into my driveway, Ethan unbuckles and jumps over the back seat into the front, because he wants to "be the first one out" and all of a sudden when I start breaking- my car JOLTS forward! I was like "Oh, my word, what is going on... I then double checked to make sure my foot WAS in fact on the break, and not on the gas (which it was on the break the WHOLE time), and before I know it we have run over the basketball goal- in front of our garage.......... GREAT!!!!

The basketball goal snapped in 2 and fell over to the side (thankfully!) But is that all? Couldn't the Ranger's have just hit the basketball goal and then figured out that something was wrong?? Nope- we had to go ALL the way to the garage door....

and I mean- it takes the garage door clean off. Not just put a dent in it- but clean off the springs and everything! SMACK! Ok- so what?! Who hasn't done this or known someone to have hit the garage door before? It can be fixed.... YES! That is true- and maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if Chet's BMW wasn't behind the garage door. So- now we have run over the basketball post, smashed into our garage door, and hit one of our own cars in the process.

Wow- I'm feeling pretty accomplished. But yet- again- the Ranger's can't just come in and do a "little" damage.. we have to KEEP going! So, the garage door smashed into the BMW, and we thought it couldn't get any worse, til' we went behind the garage- and this is what we found....

Yes- the BMW broke out the back of our garage! So- let me clarify...... "I" ran over the basketball goal, snapped it in 2, I then ran into our garage door, knocking it clean off and into Chet's beamer- which then decided to ram through the back of our garage. Bad, right?! You are saying to yourself.... "Poor Rangers, there can't be anymore!" Well, on TOP of all this... what car was I driving? Oh- that's right- none other then Aunt Christie's (my sister) BRAND NEW truck!!!

I was shocked to see there wasn't more damage on her car! It did sustain damage- but only the plastic and some damage to the lights. All the metal stayed in place..... a few paint chips here and there. The estimator is coming out here sometime today to let us know exactly what damage- but it doesn't look AS bad as I thought it was going to look- and I still feel TERRIBLE for what happened!

Ok, so- now I'm sure you are asking yourself.. how did this happen? Well, when people say accidents happen in a flash of a second- they are not lying! Here is our "culprit"

When Ethan jumped into the front seat, he thought it would be cool to climb to my side, hence putting his hand on the gas. Now- my foot was on the break-- but the car kept going. So, when I took my foot OFF the break, thinking that I had accidentally put my foot on the gas, the car just went further-- and it is all history from there.

Blessings from the accident:

1. Everyone is safe! The kids are all fine- Erin had a small bruise on her head, Ethan had a few bruises on his knee, but that was the extent of our injuries! - HOLLA!

2. I was not drop kicked by Christie or Chet.... DOUBLE HOLLA!

3. The basketball goal snapped sideways, vs. on top of us and breaking the windshield and sending glass everywhere.

4. It did not involve anyone outside of the family.

5. We are lucky we weren't going very fast- which I'm amazed at the damage- and am VERY glad we were not going any faster!!

6. If this counts as one of our "average of 1 accident every 5 years", or whatever the statistic is, I'll take it!

7. Very understanding family- letting me know that accidents happen... and that everything is going to be ok, and that the main thing is we are all safe!

They were also saying how ironic it is, that the only person in our family that has ever run into a garage door, was Christie when she was 16, and now I have run into a garage door- in her car.

Well, thanks for staying tuned to my crazy story- and with that- we are out with a BANG!


Avery's mommy said...

Oh my goodness Bertie! I am glad that everyone and that everything can be "fixed" hopefully without too much backlash from the ins. company.poor sure he won't be playing that "game" again:)

Jenn W said...

Ouch!! I hope things (money to fix everything) turns out not to be too bad.

Jamie said...

Oh. My.

I think I would throw up!

Katie said...

I am so sorry Bertie!! What a day... hope today is a little better! :)

Chris and Sally said...

That is horrible! I think Chris wouldn't have been so understanding if I ran into his car, at least Chet was good about it. What bad luck!

Morgan said...

BERTIE!!! My mouth kept dropping over wider and wider as I kept reading... HOLY COW! That really stinks, but WHAT A GREAT STORY you will have FOREVER! And good thing you stopped by your mom's to get batteries for your camera so you could document it all on film!

Veldon and Joyce said...

Sorry ..... but we laughed so hard while reading about your misadventures

Kaylynne said...

Oh my. Poor Ethan. I hope you all get things fixed without to much financial damage.

Monica said...

Oh my goodness Bertie - that is seriously unbelievable!!! But I love your (and Chet's and Christie's) attitude about it! And how you can find the silver lining in everything! Love you!

Gretchen said...

That's insane. I'm glad everyone's okay and having a sense of humor about it. It'll be a headache to get everything fixed, but it'll be a great story in years to come.

Stephanie said...

Bertie, that is horrible and yet somehow we laughed until we cried the whole time we were reading it. Hope the week gets better!

Jill Hunt said...

I am so sorry! How scary and I can't believe all the damage that did. I am glad you guys are okay! I backed into my husband's car last summer and I thought he would be so upset, but he too was so kind and kept telling me it was okay and that accidents happen. Family are so good at that. Hope it all gets fixed okay!

the smoots said...

Oh my goodness!! That is CRAZY!!! If it makes you feel any better - I have ran into and THROUGH and garage door myself - and a car (though NOT a BMW- was on the other side) - You are NOT alone!