Monday, January 7, 2008

Mean, Mean WASP!!

When this thing

meets this cute little girl.....
Then we end up with a not very happy little girl and sad mama!

Poor wittle Erin got stung by a wasp this afternoon. She was out playing on the tramp and the wasp was on the ground, and Erin must have stepped on it, because it stung her on the bottom of her foot. She was screaming bloody murder, so I run out there as fast as I can.... thinking maybe she has fallen off and broken her arm or leg. She's crying and yelling, " Mom, something bit me!" and Ethan is saying- the cat came and bit Erin. And I look around for our neighbors cat, that sometimes comes into our backyard, and I don't see her- and I'm like- Erin, did the cat bite you? And Erin is like- no, it was something red and on the ground. I said, was it a wasp? She says, no- it was small, and it had wings, and it was on the ground. I told her it had to be a wasp- and ran her inside to look to see what it actually had been- and sure enough... poor baby had gotten stung by a wasp! :(


Greg and Rhonda said...

Bertie- I am so glad that you posted on my blog- your kids are too cute!!! I am very sorry for Erin and her wasp bite though- ouchie!!

indeazgirl said...

So I really hope when I have kids that they are as cute and fun as yours and that my stories are as good. I love how you tell the stories....luckily the robbers, the broken arms, and kidnappers have just turned out to be a june bug, a wasp, and, um, No One.