Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New love and a little embarassment

Last night after Chet got home from work, we headed over to the gym for weights and a little racquetball! I have not played racquetball with Chet since we left Utah, because he would always yell at me and tell me that I was too bouncy, and I move around too much. I can't help it if I get excited when the ball is coming towards me, or if I anticipate where I need to be, etc.... So, we have been playing tennis instead since we have been here in Houston. However, yesterday Chet asked if I could call the gym and reserve a racquetball court so that we could play when he got home. I did as I was told, like a good little wife-- and told him that if he yelled at me, I would not play with him again!! Anyhow- he was VERY good- and didn't yell at me:) And I have now fallen in love with this sport! It was so fun and high energy.. and I felt like I got a really good workout in. I'm just like the guy in the above picture- I definitely miss more balls then I hit- but I hustle for each one!! :) Poor Chet didn't get much of a workout- I had to keep throwing the ball in the opposite direction for him, telling him to go get it- to get his workout in... or I would say- k- take a lap! With time- I'll be a great racquetball partner!

Now- for the embarrassing part..... we went to a new Vietnamese restaurant for FHE, because Chet wanted to try something new. It wasn't bad - but when we walked in, Dante walked to EVERY table just staring at people, then he comes back to our table- and is like MOM? Why is everyone here Chinese but those guys?? (while he points at "those guys" who are right next to us) The guys start laughing- and I quickly pull Dante's finger down and tell him that this is a Vietnamese restaurant and that Chinese/Vietnamese people really like this kind of food, it is from their home. Chet, saw me talking to Dante and then rolling my eyes at Chet- like I can't believe that just happened- and Chet goes- oh, did he make fun of that guys hair? (the guys next to us were very punk- and had the whole punk with Elmer's glue thing and spikes in their hair) I was like - no- he actually missed their hair and told him what happened. KIDS:)