Friday, January 4, 2008

New blog!!:)

OK, so any of you who have clicked on my profile before would have noticed 2 other blogs that I have never posted in. One is Happiness from the Inside Out and the other is Life: Have it Your Way! I have now posted my 1st post in Happiness from the Inside Out and will be doing a post in Life: Have it Your Way soon. These 2 blogs, next to my family, are my passions!! I can't wait to keep them going and spreading the word that YOU can be happy no matter what- and that you can have the life you want to have! I have posted the links to the right side of my blog, so that you can click on them from my main blog vs. having to go into my profile. Please spread the word, if you feel like these 2 new blogs will help others out, or give them inspiration. You are all awesome and I could not be who I am, without each and everyone of you! Every friend you have shapes your life in some form... and I'm grateful for friends and family who have helped to shape mine in the best positive ways imaginable:)