Thursday, January 17, 2008

Giving it away

Last night I took my kids with me to church for some kickball because the Beehives were doing that as an activity with the achievement day girls. On the way home, my kids were starting to get a little whiny, so we started playing the "animal game". Here is how it was played out:

Dante: I'm thinking of an animal that is blue.
Mom: A blue jay!
Dante: No.
Mom: A shark!
Dante: No, mom- you already got a guess- now it is Erin's turn to guess. Oh, wait- but you got it. It's a shark.
Mom: YEAH! K- Erin's turn.
Erin: I'm thinking of an animal that is pink.
Mom: A flamingo!
Erin: Yes. Umm.........actually no.
Mom: Aww man, k- Dante's turn to guess then
Dante: Yes- it is a flamingo because that is the only animal that is pink.
Erin: No, a flamingo is not the only animal that is pink, a pig is too! (realizing what she has done, and starting to cry)..... and now you have ruined it Dante. Mine was a pig.
Mom: laughing hysterically - mainly because I had forgotten about the pig too - and because, how many times have we "given something away".

I remember one time when I was probably about 8 or 9, for my dads birthday, my mom had picked up a bunch of small gifts, and each of the girls got to choose which gift they wanted to give him. We were so excited for him to open up "our" gifts. However- somehow there was some confusion..... and when he opened Elise's gift (it was the one I had picked out) So, when he opened it from her, I was like- hey- that is the one I got for you. And she was like no- I got that for him.... and I then proceeded to say (because I have the best memory and I know EVERYTHING) - No Elise- you got dad the pocket knife, I got him the jump rope, Christie got him the tie, and Amy got him the shirt. Whooppss! Maybe that would have been fine- if he had actually opened up all the gifts- but he had only opened up "the jump rope". My mom was so mad at me! She was like- Bertie!! What are you doing?? I didn't even think or realize what I was doing... or that I might be spoiling gifts for my dad. And my dad- was like- what? What is she doing? I didn't hear anything, and totally pretended that he had not heard any of what I said.

I just thought it was so funny how Erin was so upset she had given up her pink animal, and we were actually stumped too:)