Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day at the museum!

Chet and I took the kids to the museum yesterday afternoon, and as we were on our way, Chet asked if I had the camera-- -and WHOOOPS! - I had forgotten it! So, no fun pictures- but the kids had a lot of fun! Dante's favorite part was the butterfly center- where you get to walk around and see tons of pretty butterflies!

Erin's favorite part was the gem section with really pretty jewlery and rocks.
Ethan's favorite part of the museum was very unusual! As we walked through all different parts of the museum, he was ok with the dinosaurs, and ok with the gross bugs, and ok with the children's section in the basement... but OH! How he got SOOO excited anytime he saw.......

AN ELEVATOR!! Don't ask me why-- but he would run up to it, and be like MAMA-MAMA! An elevator. If he saw another one - he would be like MAMA, another elevator!! Isn't that cool!!?? So, I'm glad to know that Ethan has an obsession with elevators:) I guess I shouldn't be surprised as I used to have a fascination with them myself... ALL day ANY day on vacation- that is where you would find me- riding up and down on the elevators! The joy of being a kid: people would look at me like I was crazy if I played elevator tag now!


Chris and Sally said...

My kids always like the elevator the best too. Whenever we stay at a hotel they always get the most excited about the elevator, even more excited than the pool. Cheap thrills I guess.