Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What kind of eater are you?

Ok, so I have noticed how each of my kids have their own eating style.

Dante is a cross between a ravaging monster and a bulimic- he will eat everything in site, he will not stop no matter what- he shovels it ALL into his mouth at once, he will come back for more- if there is more and then if he gets too full, he has no trouble whatsoever going into the bathroom and throwing up. His throwing up is completely involuntary- he doesn't even need to use his fingers- it just happens. Every since he was little he has had good throwing up ability- it is almost like he can throw up on cue. Blue ribbon for him.

Erin is borderline anorexic. She just doesn't eat. Period. She just doesn't eat. I don't know how to say that better. She is like a bird- and she is a tiny thing, but she is growing and she is healthy- but she doesn't eat. She used to only eat paper, and now that she is cured of that disease, she seems to only want gold fish in a cup, or cold cereal without milk in a cup. She is like forever 18 months.

Ethan is PICKY and inspired this post!! He is ALWAYS hungry- or at least saying he is. I can feed him a whole roast and he will leave for 2 min. and come back and be like- "I'm hungry!" I'll be like- ok- what do you want... He will then say.... ummmmm....MILK. So, he drinks more milk now then he did when he was a baby. Then after he is done with his milk, he will be like "I'm hungry!" He isn't hungry- he is just saying that- but that is not the bad part.... the bad part is how he won't SHARE and the food has to be in PERFECT condition! This means the food can not be broken or smashed and you better not try to take a bite. For instance- not 10 min. ago Ethan wakes up, comes to me and sits in my lap, and says:

Ethan: Mom, I'm hungry!
Mom: Ok, what do you want for breakfast?
Ethan: A peanut butter sandwich
Mom: Ok- I will get you a peanut butter sandwich.

Ethan then runs into his room to lay back down because his foot is hurting, and he needs the massager. I bring in his peanut butter sandwich (and I think eventually he will get over this- sharing thing) I have taken a tiny bite out of one of the halves and when I hand it to him, I try to conceal it, and hope he doesn't notice "just in case"

As soon as I hand him the sandwich- he is like- "Oh, THANKYOU mom- this will make me feel ALL better" I gave him a kiss on the forehead and went to leave the room in search for the massager and all of a sudden I hear Ethan bawling! "But MOM! You took a bite! Why did you take a bite? I need a new sandwich! I can't have this one. AWWW, MOOOOOMMMM!!! " sob, sob, sob! - you would think I had just given him a bag of candy and then taken it away and fed it to the dogs.

So, I, being a good mom make him another 1/2 PB sandwich, using one piece of bread and I fold it over.... what do I hear NOW! "MOOOOMMMM! You need to cut it on the side- I can't see the PB from this side!" So, I take that piece of bread, open it up, tear it down the middle and then put the pieces back together and wa la- a satisfied child.

Last night- Amy reminded me of an instant where she was trying to get Ethan to share his food, and Erin so adamantly replied, "AMY, forget about it! He's not gonna share!" Ever so with her over the top hand gestures.

You take a bite of whatever he is eating, whether a heap of ice-cream in a bowl, a banana, etc... he will NOT eat the rest of his food. Just the other day he was eating something, and I dipped my spoon in his bowl (impolite I know, but I'm the mom and I can do anything:)) and he snatched my spoon away from me and dumped the food right back in his bowl.

So those are my wonderful, delightful eaters whom I love and adore to no end:)

What kind of eater are you?


Katie said...

that cracks me up about ethan! too funny...

Jill Hunt said...

All my kids are different kinds of eaters too. Ethan will try anything even if he doesn't think he will like it and loves cookies and candy. Tyler will tell me he doesn't like something before he even sees it. All he eats are corn dogs, chicken and steak and PIZZA! He loves pizza which is funny because Ethan hates pizza. Josh will east pretty much anything if he slows down to take a bite. Usually I have to shove it in his mouth.