Monday, January 28, 2008

It's dunkin' time!

This past Saturday our gym had a trampoline dunk team come and perform. I decided it would be a fun family outing, since Chet had to work. I went and worked out for the first little bit- and then I picked the kids up from the gym child center and I wanted good seats- so we were in the basketball courts 20 min. early. Before we got to the basketball court, we stopped off at the balloon lady and all 3 kids got to pick what they wanted and then she made it for them. Then they were given these small rubber basketballs and dum-dums.

I think I was more excited then the kids to see this show. It was a lot of fun, however- it was a bit of a trial. I don't know WHY I expect ANYTHING to be able to actually overtake my kids attention spans for more then 20 seconds, let alone the same thing- for all 3. So, we are sitting near the corner on the floor, against a wall. Someone left a drink there that was playing basketball earlier- I should have moved it to the trash- but I decided just to put it in the very corner- corner - NOT close to us- AWAY from my kids! We are all sitting nicely- and the kids are fascinated with their balloons Dante is shooting Ethan's helicopter, and Erin is smelling her new flower balloon bracelet and admiring how gorgeous she is with it on. The show starts- and we are pretty front row- and everything is going good- and Erin comes over to me- and is like- mom can I sit in your lap- I was like- sure- why? She was like- I spilled that drink.... WAY OVER THERE? So- now I have a child on one leg- putting my leg to sleep. Not really that bad.... i keep watching the show- Dante at this point sprawls out and starts making snow angels and loud noises-- (luckily the team brought music and no one, except the people around us can hear and see Dante) However- because of the music- I have Ethan shouting and covering his ear- "It's too loud mom- it's too loud!" I reply- I know honey- it will be over soon and we can go. He starts chewing on his balloon--- I say- Ethan- don't do that- it will pop. He stops. i look over again he is chewing on it again- I'm like- Ethan- I will take your balloon...POP! One balloon down- 2 to go. Dante starts playing with his little rubber basketball- and out it goes onto the floor right to the guy who is going for the dunk..... the basketball guy stops running towards the basketball goal- and grabs it and throws it in the audience. One ball down- 2 to go. (don't ask me WHY they gave out little rubber basketball's before the show and not after.)

I give all of them their dum-dums, to keep them quiet and entertained- I WANT TO WATCH THE SHOW!! I for sure- thought they would all be fascinated too- but I was dead wrong! 5 seconds later- ALL 3 of them- EWW!! Mom- these are gross!! I don't like this flavor! So- now I'm holding 3 sucked on, sticky dum-dums, my left leg is dead asleep, Dante is still making snow angels(he is almost 7 and I'm like- FOR REALS D!) and Ethan's head is in my lap because the music is too loud- and he is still mad about his balloon popping.

I tell Dante he needs to sit up and watch the guys dunking- and he starts fiddling with his balloon gun- trying to make it into different things. What do i hear next--- POP!! There goes Dante's balloon.

20 minutes later- or WHAT seemed to be an ETERNITY-- the show is over- and I'm like, "What????" I didn't see hardly anything- and I had GREAT seats!!!

Erin's balloon survived and 2 basketballs survived the show. I was ready to go home and take a nap!.... i had forgotten that i had promised to let the kids bounce on the moonwalk on our way out- and what do you know- it is down. So- my kids all decide to throw a fit and I threaten them with the "ewww" sticky dum-dums and say- I'll make you eat these if you complain. They stopped and I never did get that nap.

Such is life and it is funny how much I LOVE it!! :)

PS- I will be back to regular blogging status as soon as my SD card thingy is back up and running- which will be tonight.... I've felt lost with out my daily blogging. I'm sorry to have been the cause of ya'lls withdrawals but- I will do my best not to let it happen again:)


Katie said...

what a nice family outing berts!! :) that totally cracked me up...

Candy said...

Just checking if you've posted anything new on your "Happiness From The Inside Out" blog. :o)

Oh, by the way, I tagged you for a meme. Hope you have time to check it out on my blog! :o)

indeazgirl said...

I love that you threatened them with the icky dum-dums. haha. :o) Crazy days!