Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Story time again:)

I was thinking about this funny story the other day, and I thought I would post it to always be remembered! :) When Ethan was younger, for him to stay in his room for naptime and bedtime, I would put one of those white childproof door knob things on the inside of his door, so he couldn't come out. Ethan has been my best sleeper so far, and he rarely ever has to come in our room at night or wake up at night. So, one night, this past summer, after I put Ethan down to bed, I went to bed too. Chet was out of town. I was sleeping peacefully until I heard this blood - I mean- BLOOD curtling scream- MOMMY!! MOMMY!! HELP ME!! I was for sure there was a man in his room trying to take him-- and I was his only hope! I dashed into his room as quickly as I could- and the screaming was still just as terrifying as when it started.. and getting worse! I open the door and he falls into my arms and I say, "What's wrong? What happened?" He replied still terrified and very tearful, "The junebug is going to EAT me!" sob, sob, sob-- "The junebug is going to eat me!!" Poor little guy was out of his mind- and I couldn't help but laugh, because it sounded so absurd (but mainly because I was SOOO relieved there wasn't a weirdo in his room for me to fight off) Somehow, a junebug had gotten inside the house, and "locked" into his bedroom with him! Whoopsies!

I guess I would be pretty scared of it too at that age. And I guess it doesn't help if you try to put one on his head whenever one flies into the pool. Oh, the joy of being a parent:)