Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am a Cemetary....

First off- thanks to everyone who left me a comment about our "little mishap". I'm glad it gave some of you a laugh and others tears of joy- that you are not in my shoes right now! LOL!Just kidding. So, this whole insurance/adjustor coming out has been somewhat of a nightmare. To make a short story long..... we have called on 3 different occasions- each time they have told us someone will be out within 1-4 business days between the hours of 8-5. Each time we have called, they have told us- "it has not been entered in the system- would you like me to enter it?" and then proceed to tell us again- ok, it is not in the system - someone will be there within 1-4 business days between the hours of 8-5. (So, this has been told to us 3 times now- and if they had just put it in the system the first time, then he would have been here by now.) Let's hope that they get it "in the system this time"

On a lighter note:) Saturday, Dante and Ethan got into a bit of a tiff and I heard screaming and fighting and I walk in and there is blood everywhere and pieces of skin on the wall, and hair flying.... ok- not true- but the way Ethan was screaming- you would have thought that is what I would have walked into. after I got everyone to settle down... Ethan was saying he needed a "bandage". He has always called Band-Aids, bandages. I go to the bathroom cabinet, and they are all gone. Ethan was still screaming his head off that he needed a bandage so I used an Ace- bandage to "wrap" him up. It worked like a charm and he has been happy ever since!

Ethan had a little cut on the side of his face and then a little cut on his lower bottom lip. This is what he was crying "I need a bandage" for:)
This is how I wrapped him up to let him know- it would make him all better! He then goes and take all his clothes off, puts on his boots and starts walking around with his arms out saying "I am a cemetary. I am a cemetary." Like in robot words. I think he was trying to say zombie or mummy-- but cemetary came out. This is my new favorite picture of Ethan! :)