Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This makes me happy:)

Whooohooo!! They now have sour cream that you can squeeze out of a bottle! :) This makes me oh, so, so happy! I love sour cream- I can eat sour cream by the spoonful and now I don't have to put a messy glob, unevenly on my tacos and then spread it with my fingers- I can nicely spread it with just the bottle and just the perfect amount. I want me some tacos!!!

(my favorite tacos are from Del Taco- and they are the chicken tacos- because all they have is chicken, cheese, lettuce and sourcream! SOOOO GOOD!!! And only for like 50 cents or something like that! I miss Del Taco!)


Katie said...

what a great thing! i'll have to go and get some! :)