Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy birthday to you...

you smell like a monkey, but you only look like one when you flair your nostrils:) LOL! Happy birthday Peepers!!! 24 years and counting. I hope you have a remarkable day and you are so lucky to have mom up there with you celebrating! We all wish we could be there with you on your special day. You are no longer the princess in the trashcan- you are all growed up and getting married to a very small man, but hey, that doesn't matter- it is what is inside that counts. ;) You are amazing and looked up to by many- you are a great sister- and it just isn't the same going to Cold Stone without you, where we look like the biggest morons around, laughing out of control and chopping each others necks, and telling everyone there our embarrassing stories.... even if they didn't want to hear. (it was a miracle Jake was not there that night- this way he could marry you) instead of seeing "who can make the most ugly faces" game. I miss living in Utah with you and renting scary movies whenever Chet had to work late! You are a lot of fun, and I'm sad you didn't live down here longer after your mission- but I TOTALLY understand where your priorities lie! I love you and so does everybody else- and as everyone writes in high school yearbooks, stay sweet, stay beautiful, K*I*T (you know the number) and call me ovah the summah!