Saturday, January 19, 2008

Uh-oh- Dante learned a new game......

A side note to the video- I could only find people acting out ding dong ditches really- and I chose this one, because I thought the kids disguise was so clever with the pink ladies hat. I would have never guessed it was a 12 year old boy. Who'd a thunk:)

Yes- he learned how to ding dong ditch today! I swear - I didn't know what that was until I was at least 10! He is 6 and he has already learned the art. This afternoon he was out playing with our neighbor Alex (who is 7 or 8) and they always have so much fun when they are playing together. This afternoon, while I was finishing some things up around the house and a few misc. projects- I hear the doorbell. It is a landscape man, asking if he can give me a free estimate on our landscaping for Spring. After all that was settled, I went back to my work. I then hear the doorbell ring again, and I just figured it was someone else asking for something else. I go to the door- and oh, no one is there. I look around, and I'm like- that is weird. How could someone get away that fast- did I really hear the doorbell? (I was seriously questioning my hearing)Then I heard some snickering behind my car-- and KNEW what was up. So, I waited by the door and I saw Dante sneak back up.... and as he was about to put his finger on the doorbell- I opened the door and shouted RAAAARRRRRRR!!! He got so freaked out- and then was like- MOM- how did you know?? It is so funny- how when they learn something new, they think that we as mere "parents" have not done it before, and have no clue as to what they are up to. Anyways, I then was like- k- just don't do it to people you don't know, and only do it once (hoping to not say- don't do that- and then them do it anyway) I gave them a limit. Dante then replies (and I love how honest he is! Bless his heart) Oh, mom- don't worry- we've only done (and starts pointing) there house, there house , that house, that house and your house. NICE! So, then I said- k- well- why don't you stick to my door now- and yes, I paid for it, they never got tired of it- so I answered the door about 1500 times, saying, "Who's there??" Then I finally just stopped answering the door:) But- at least no one else was being pestered- and I figure kids should be kids while they are kids! Heck- if I could- I'd go out there and do it with them (but in all black, and at night) Not in the middle of the day. Oh- and should I mention- Ethan was with them- so my 3 year old knows this game now too- and he DOES NOT know how to control himself.... so if you hear a doorbell and no one is there- call me, because Ethan is probably in your neighborhood.
Oh, how fun it is to have kids and relive all your child hood moments.... that has been like my theme all week.


Peachblossm said...

You have such a fun family!

i love hearing all about their escapades.

Jill Hunt said...

I remember doing that as a child but I think I was like 9 or 10. I am not looking forward for the day when my boys figure that one out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my video on your site.

(Yeah, my video was fake... My friend and I got really bored one day)

But goodness, you at least gave him a limit. When my mom caught me actually ding dong ditching, I got in BIG trouble.