Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who is in the house??

I'm on a roll today with these stories- and mainly these are for memories- so I can always have them to use against my kids- lol! Just kidding- but just for fun memories!:)

So, yesterday morning I was in the shower. I always tell Ethan and Erin before I get in not to go outside and that I won't be long, and to be good. I'm enjoying my shower when all of a sudden, Erin unlocks the door. I was like, yes, Erin - what do you need honey? She then turned around and says, "Mom is in here." Ethan is standing right next to her- and she is not looking or talking to Ethan. I was like, huh?? Then Ethan sees me- and goes- "yeah- my mom is in here". So, I'm like- is dad here? They say no- and I'm like- well then who is here (I'm starting to freak out a little)- then Erin goes Noah. Noah is here. (I do NOT know a Noah!!) I was like- wait, shut the door, shut the door! - My shower is all glass and when you open the bathroom door- you can see me from my bedroom door. So, I'm standing there in all my glory- and according to Erin somebody name Noah is standing in my bedroom. I quickly crouch down- and tell her to shut the door again. She shuts it... I jump out- and grab a towel- my conditioner is still in my hair.... and I'm like- why did you open the door for someone??? She is like- I didn't. I was like- well then who is here? Who is Noah?? Who were you and Ethan talking to?? She then looks at me really funny, and states, "NO ONE!" I swear they had an imaginary friend there- because they were clearly talking to someone, when they unlocked the bathroom door- and were like- "my mom is in here."

It completely freaked me out!!! It was funny at the end of the "no one" but before that I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.


Burk Family said...

That would have totally freaked me out. Don't you feel like mom of the year when stuff like that happens? I tend to freak before I understand the whole story. Then I feel like an idiot.

Jill Hunt said...

I would of totally gone crazy too! I always have to tell my kids to not let anyone in when I am in the shower. Kids can do the craziest things sometimes. I love how you keep changing you templates. Very cute!

Jenn W said...

I had to install a chain lock on our front door to prevent children from opening the door without permission! Although if that happened to me, I'd be a pretty freaked out too.

Sonja said...

One of my biggest fears too! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident--but glad that you are all okay.

Funny, Noah=No one. Kids....
Thanks for all your nice comments Bertie!