Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Every year since I was a little girl we have gone camping for Thanksgiving with a few other families. Yes, we do the whole shabang out there- including turkey, potatoes, pies, stuffing- you name it! But- it has always been such a nice time to get away from the "world" and your normal routine, and appreciate the beauty all around, and family and just what really is important in life! After I got married- the tradition kind of stopped as kids were going away to college, etc.... Last year, however- we started it back up again. We will be leaving here in just a few- and this year we will be going to Buescher State Park near Austin. I'm so excited! We are going to go canoeing, hiking, kayaking, have camp fires- and all that good stuff! My kids have already fell in love with going camping and they look forward to that and the 2 weeks at a summer beach house every year!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving and that you enjoy it to the fullest and that you will be able to be surrounded by loved ones:)

Moogs and Pumb and KATIE!! - we will miss you- and we need to have a Hopkins/Young camping reunion with everyone sometime!! Last year your mom and dad stopped by for a little bit at Enchanted Rock and we MISSED YA'LL!!!

I'll update with pics and stories when we get back on Friday!


Avery's mommy said...

we will miss you all terribly! the memories!

Jill Hunt said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Where do you cook all the stuff?

Morgan said...

I'm so jealous. I can just see you all sitting around the campfire singing "Little Tom Tinker"... :)