Monday, November 26, 2007

Crazy weekend! SATURDAY - morning!

This weekend was quite the crazy one - and I didn't even do any shopping!! Let's see.... Saturday morning I got a call from Christie to see if I wanted to take the kids to go see Santa at the mall. I said sure- and she said she would call me when she is ready to go. So- I get the kids all ready... and we are just waiting for Aunt Christie's call. She calls back an hour later and says that we will have to do Santa later because Emily (16) has gotten in a car accident. Poor girl hydroplained and the truck did a 180 and jumped the curb and smashed into a tree- on the drivers side. She was on her way to a football game (our boys are in the state playoffs) to cheer. She was quite the trooper!

The truck cab was practically pused over away from the bed of the truck as you can see. The indentation is where the truck struck the tree... and it broke out the driver side window and smashed the windshield too.
Here are shards of glass with Em's blood on them.
Here is the inside of the door where Emily's blood is too. Head injuries always look a lot worse then they are... but still soooo scary!
Here is the gash in her forehead.

Here Emily is in the ER waiting to be seen. As you can see- she looks like she just stepped out of a movie scene with blood all over her letter jacket and cheer uniform.
She always has a smile for the camera- no matter what her condition.
And here she is walking out of the ER all stitched up- total stitches needed: 8! I'm just greatful she is safe and alive and well and not severely hurt!!


Mom of 2 Cuties said...

Oh EM! My heart sunk when I saw the pic of the truck! Give her a hug and kiss for me!