Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 of my favorite things!!

A fridge that is organized and chalk full of fresh, healthy stuff!! I don't mind the grocery shopping- but I do not particularly like having to put all the groceries away once I get home..... but I do love the END product:) How come when at the grocery store, they ask you if you need help out to your car- but they don't offer to take a ride home with you and put the groceries where they really need to be! I would not mind that extra trip to take them back to the grocery store at all!!
I also love simple things that can be turned into fun- such as doorways, pots and pans, couches and furniture for building tents... beds!! Walls-- (Dante was an animated and very imaginative kid-- he used to go from wall to wall chest bumping them saying, hey man wuzzup --- like they do in football and whatnot! He was like 2-- and it was amazing to watch that he could do that all day long- while all his other toys just sat in the bucket mainly)
Above is obviously a picture of Ethan- his legs are still a little too short to really be able to scale up the wall with both feet - one on each side of the doorway, and he was tired of watching Erin and Dante and friends do it all the time- so he decided he would one up them- and scale one side to the very top in 5 nano seconds! I swear- this kid is one fast maniac!! (oh- and if you are always wondering why he is wearing his swimsuit.... it is because he is always wanting to go to Christie's beach house!! ( and I think, it is faster for him to dress, because he doesn't have to put on underweaar too- I think that is his real secret.)


Gina said...

You are so brave to show a picture of the inside of your fridge! I wish mine looked like that! And that I'd gone grocery shopping this week....

Avery's mommy said...

i will pay you to be my professional fridge organizer/puter awayer!