Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dante- our soon to be STAR o f BROADWAY!!

Last Tuesday Dante had his recital for the Fort Bend Boys Choir Music Magic camp- and he was put FRONT AND CENTER!! We were lucky enough to take first row and get great shots of him- and as you can see in each picture he has changed positions or fiddling with something- and if you notice the other boys- they are all pretty still with their arms down. I can't tell you how many times the conductor tried to get Dante to put his arms down-- maybe that is why she put him in the center- so he would be good! Well- we decided- that he can sing- and he needs something else to do with his body- so BROADWAY- here we come! We are hoping to enroll him in the Humphrey's School of Musical Theatre for children - put on by Tuts- in the spring. He has already demonstrated to us that he can pick up dance moves and songs very easily. In fact-- (and as soon as he will actually let me video him- I'll have to put him up doing this) - but when we were at Christies in Galveston- I took along The Wizard of Oz for the kids to watch in the car and before bedtime. Well, as Christie and I were talking- while they were watching it- (and they have only seen it 3 or 4 times) I was telling her- how amazed I am at how quickly kids learn songs--- Like they know the 3 Amingos' song- and I said the Munckin song in the Wizard of Oz- and Dante overhears us- and walks over to the table and is like- OH- you mean "We represent the lollipopkins the lollipopkins, the lollipopkins... we welcome you to munchkin land." He did this along with everything IDENTICAL to those little munchkin men from the crooked faces- to the knee jerks to the giving of the lollipop and the scooting back and doing the handmotion----

Now- my sister and I were literally on the floor rolling and crying- it was HILARIOUS!! Because it was SOO perfect- and he was SOOO serious!! We actually tried really hard to conceal our laughing- I felt like Randy and Paula when they are hiding behind their papers laughing when a really bad singer is on. Since- we didn't do THAT good of a job holding back- poor kid won't let us tape him. But- I'll think of something- and then put it on here ASAP!!


~~Heidi~~ said...

That is so cute, and funny, can't wait to see it.
looks like he loves to sing.