Monday, November 26, 2007


Grandpa with ALL the grandkids:) Grandpa is the funnest person in the world!!
Dad with mom and all 6 daughters! What a man - to survive only having daughters- and 6 no less! :) Definitely got crazy at times and STILL does:)

Happy birthday Dad!! You are the best dad in the entire world and I'm so blessed to have been one of your daughters:)

A Somethin', Somethin' about my dad:

In a recent book I read about how to develop your character, Flawless!, the author states:

"I have been blessed to run into people who have believed even when I couldn't believe in me. But they all have an underlying secret that they rarely articulate. They are not into the ends justifying the means. They believe in taking charge of your life and doing everything you possibly can but they also believe that you have to be willing to let go and let God. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed, but always, as Charles T. Jones says, "you are learning." You are learning your character is up to you."

My dad is one of those exact people the author is talking about- he believes in you when you don't believe in yourself, or when no one else believes in you. He has supported me in ALL my dreams and has believed that I could achieve each one, and has helped me through each one too! He even flew to Boston with me so I could meet my fitness trainer and choreographer, when Chet couldn't come with me and it would be the first time I was traveling to a big city, all by myself and I was a little scared- so he came with me!! My dad is the rock in our family on gospel principles and teaching us how to share the gospel with others! Even if it is getting up at 4 AM, and studying for hours:) (or that is what it seems like when you are a teenager, anyway:))

I love you Dad and I thank YOU for all you have given me! I hope you have an amazing birthday today, you deserve it!! Whoo-hoo for making it to 75!! HAHA- just kidding:)


Avery's mommy said...

I love your dad TOO! You need to tell Amy to get her OWN blog bc Brett does not do a good job updating it at ALL!! tell her i told her to do so!

Monica said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Sam!!

Loved all your posts - you are a great storyteller! I am SO sorry to hear about Emily's wreck, but SO glad she is okay!!! Chet was lucky with your response and attitude that night - you are a good wife!