Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving post -- soon to come:)

Our Thanksgiving camping trip was so much fun- a little muddy - actually VERY muddy at first, but then it dried up, just as we were leaving- but a lot of fun all around! The kids loved it! I was so mad- I forgot my camera at home- so once my parents and sisters have downloaded their pictures onto their computers I will steal some of the images and do a full report:)

Just a few real quick- funny stories!

Canoeing was a huge hit with the kids! No one would go with Ethan because they knew that if the canoe was going to tip- it would be him doing it! So- of course- that made it the parents duty to take him! LOL! He did great- I was amazed- he sat perfectly still and just looked across the lake for animals! Dante rocked the boat more than Ethan.

One other thing--- Dante is a very funny, funny kid- and I love how innocent children are! While were were canoeing- Chet said, Dante - "your mom goes to college" the classic line from Napoleon Dynomite-- and Dante answers, "Still?' Me and Chet started laughing because we didn't expect that... and then Dante goes- no - really mom-- you still go to college?? LOL! It was a classic moment!

Another funny Dante moment- was at around 3 AM... we were in a tent right next to Amy and Brett- so Minnie was right next to us. She started crying about 3 in the morning- and was crying and crying .. and Dante was 1/2 in it and 1/2 out of it... and I hear him say... "Amy, it helps if you play peek-a-boo with her." It was so funny- I don't think he understood they were trying to put her to sleep again... and Minnie is very into peek a boo right now. He then was right back to sleep! He also lost his 2nd front tooth this week- so within 1 week- he lost both of his front teeth! Now- he knows what he wants for Christmas:)


Morgan said...

I can't wait to see pictures!

Sonja said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time. What a great idea! Also, I LOVE your new blog look. I'm craving m&ms now. Your family picture is fabulous. AND I love your home. Very nice color choices.

Monica said...

Great stories, Bertie! I can't wait to see the pics, too! Love the family pic in your header! You guys are so cute! Maya came up while I was looking at your blog and she said "Mommy, why the mnm's so beautiful?" And I said "I don't know - why do you think?" and she said "Because I want them in my tummy."

Jill Hunt said...

Too bad it was muddy but it seems like you still had a great time!

Kaylynne said...

Well, Aaron got his two front teeth for Christmas so maybe Dante has hope:)

I hope y'all didn't freeze this weekend. It is way too cold to camp.