Friday, November 9, 2007

Best Friends and SOO much more:)

I was tagged by one of my best friends little sister earlier this week- and am finally getting around to it. I'm supposed to list 10 things that I am thankful for!! :) At first - I was like HOLY COW- what am I thankful for?? I have too many, just to narrow it down to 10- but I will try my best!

So, let the games begin:) (and these are not in a certain order at all)

1. Family!! I love my husband- he is perfect in every way to me! He loves me to pieces and he knows exactly how to let me know that. He is my whole world- and our 3 little angels wouldn't exist if it weren't for him:) My kids! Look at that picture above- does that not show you that -- they are truly best friends NOW!! They get along so well (most the time:)) and as hard as it was to have 3 in 3 years- I would do it again in a heart beat- because they are true buddies! So, when I have my next- you can expect another slew right in a row- so that they have in-home buddies too:) My parents - who live literally just down the road! They are the best parents in the world. My sisters- who we are all now best friends! My in-laws - I couldn't have asked for better in laws all around! Family- I just LOVE family!! (I included everyone together so I could technically add more numbers)

2. Angels! - I know that their are angels watching over me- and my cute little ones! I am amazed that I ever make it home when I get in a car- because with having to pass things back to the kids- pick things up, etc... it can get dangerous- and I have had to swerve a time or 2- and if something had been there- I would have been in a major accident. Dante technically should have drowned a while ago (when we were visiting down from Utah)--- he ran out to my moms pool and fell into the hot tub- and when I noticed he was gone- I went outside- and he was throwing up on the side of the hot tub on the stairs... fully drenched- and I have no idea how he would have managed to get to the steps without an angels help - he was only probably 18 months. Ethan should have been lost by now- and who knows what could have happened to him- we took him to a big beach sand castle building contest 2 summers ago- and he was the same crazy dude he is now- and there were over 500,000 people there- and we lost site of him too many times to count-- but we always seemed to find him not too far ahead- and he NEVER rushed toward the water like most children would. I know that we have special angels to look after us and I'm so greatful for those angels:)

3. The gospel of course- and more importantly the atonement! That we get unlimited chances to try and try again, to become more like our Savior and return to him. I love how the "map" is right in front of us- and we know exactly what we have to do to get there! It isn't a trick game... or a luck game-- And ANYONE can win! An unlimited number of people can win-- and we get to share the secrets with everyone if we choose!! It is so simple- I love it!

4. I'm greatful for people who can just cry in front of anyone during a movie! I can't cry in movies! It is so hard for me and I hide it if I do start to cry! Chet has to remind me that it is ok to cry and to let it all out! LOL! I'm the girl that will laugh hysterically in Titanic while everyone is balling their eyes out. And turn around to see if my sisters are crying- just to avoid me crying myself. So- THANKYOU for letting it all out!

5. MEMORIES!! I am so greatful for ALL the memories I have- I love every single one of my memories- the good the bad- the sad, the painful- the happy! I learn and grow from my memories and I remember what truly makes me happy!

6. To help you make happy memories you need friends! I'm greatful for FRIENDS!! Especially ones that feel comfortable yelling out "Cort dies!" in the middle of a movie and then saying just kidding- and then he really dies in the end. Or being able to open up a salt shaker and throw in salt in my water because I put a sweettart in her water-- things like that- memories like that are priceless! Friends can also be honest with you- like letting you know you walk diagonally instead of straight, and laugh at your really, really dumb jokes- like Gig em'! Or when you are 12 and you are crying really, really hard because you feel left out - and your YW leader (aka amazing friend) says you can blow your nose in her shirt- but she is just saying that- and you do- and she doesn't get mad-- that is a friend to keep forever! They make you feel like a STAR!!:) I have too many memories with friends to name!!

7. OPPOSITES! I'm so greatful for opposites! Warm-cold, sad-happy, you get the point. I love opposites, because then I am more appreciative of the other, and try to stay there longer!

8. Everyone's uniqueness and talents! I love how everyone has different talents and personalities! I love it! I learn so much from other people who are so much like me- yet so different. They help me to become a better person and to see things from their perspective and that it is ok to be different and have different opinions and that we can all help build eachother up.

9. Weaknesses- I'm greatful for my weaknesses- and I'm greatful that I can see them (even though I prefer not too!LOL!) But- I'm so glad I know where my weaknesses are so that I can work on them. Who just wants to be perfect already - not me- I want to WORK at being perfect, so that I can relish in the achievement of being perfect and knowing that it doesn't come easy and that you need ALL the help you can get - from the Lord and from the people who surround you. I'm also greatful for other peoples weaknesses and that we are all in the same boat heading in the same direction- many are ahead and many are behind... but we are all in this together!:)

10. (Am I on 10 already?) - The gym (aka Lifetime Fitness!) I love the gym! I could live at the gym! I love the smell of the gym, I love the motivation you get as everyone is working out- (except the people who are stuck on their cell phones texting while they are doing the leg press - what is that about?) LOL! I love the weights and the cardio machines that you can jump to and fro if you want- the classes- the way my kids love the play area there- and want to be there as much as I do. I love how working out makes me feel and how after a good weight lifting session- I feel like I can conquer the world! I just LOVE it!! - I've tried the outside thing- but i just have to have my gym!

I'm greatful for so many more things and will have to start writing them down in detail so that when I'm having a not so great day- I can look back at what I wrote and realize that everything is going to be just fine and that everyone is human! Thanks Morgan for tagging me:) I'll have to think about who I'm going to tag- and let them know in their blog comments- so WATCH OUT!

(oh- and just so i don't get called on it - like Moogie did)- the one quirky thing I'm greatful for to get a laugh out of- is my dad and my husbands reactions to when they get hurt!! If they stub their toe- or barely get hurt- they complete overreact and make things funny- funny sounds! I try VERY hard not to laugh- and usually go hide in the bathroom til I can control myself- but it is just too funny- and I feel bad- because now my whole family laughs at them.
In fact- the other day- I was over at my parents play Mexican Train and I got up to get something and when I came back I sat in my chair and scooted it in- and accidentally landed on my dads foot- and he goes (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHWWWWW!!(since I caused it- I said I'm sorry first then started laughing- mainly because my sister (Christie) was DYING laughing - and i couldn't hold it in long enough to run to the bathroom to conceal it! So, I'm greatful for people who accept my laughter in their moment of pain! This is to you Dad and Chet!


Avery's mommy said...

Man! Who on earth would throw salt in your water over a sweet tart?? what a witch! glad you can laugh about it now cause that was just mean of you...i mean me:)

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Anonymous said...

Your posts just make me laugh! I feel honored that the nose-blowing experience made the top 10 list. :) That's one of my favorite memories, you know! Plus I have still never washed that shirt! (HAHA - J/K!)