Thursday, November 29, 2007

Funny for the day, motivation for the day, whoopsies of the day and FOOD!

I'm so mad that I can't embed this video on my blog.... so just follow the link, or copy and paste into your browser! It is sooo funny! I don't know how many of ya'll ever got into Trigger Happy TV when it used to be on Comedy Central- but it was the funniest show!! Kind of like Candid Camera, etc....

Now onto motivation. The last fiction book I read was a book called "Puccini's Ghosts" I so did not pay attention in highschool to anything, and I keep telling my husband- I have read more books this year then I have in my entire life- which I'm only at 37 so far.... so that really says a lot about me. So- as I was reading this book, my sister (who is very book smart) Amy, asked me if it was about Puccini... and I was like- oh, is he a real person?? She is like yeah- he does opera's and stuff- and I was like- yeah- it talks about a little town that is going to put on Turandot.. and it doesn't go so well. And she is like- yeah- I know that opera... I was like- wow- and here I thought it was just ALL fiction... and the only reason I got the book in the first place was because it had ghosts in the title and it was going to be my Halloween book - but it didn't end up being "ghosty" at all-- but a great read none the less. ANYHOW- here is a quote from the book that is very, very true!

It is the young girl in the book who is unhappy with where she lives and the small town and is unhappy with life in general.

"Why I have to live here I don't know, there must be thousands of places more interesting where people really enjoy living there. But wherever you go you have to take your own head with you. What I mean is wherever you go it's the same you inside. You can't get away from yourself, it all comes down to what goes on inside your own head unfortunatly, changing that is your only hope of changing the way you see the world. "

I read another book earlier this year too- where it stated something to the effect- that we are always trying to change people or getting people to change, and the author said, that if you want someone to change, you are going to have to change the way you look at them.

This just made so much sense to me! So I thought I would share it:)

Onto the whoopsies! So- we recently got our carpets cleaned a week or so ago- and usually when we do something like that- we try REALLY hard to keep them that way- but we do "count" how many days it takes for a mishap to happen. So.. it was probably 2 weeks this time around... this is the mishap....

It is red nail polish--- and who did it... who else?? ME! I couldn't believe it! I was so mad at myself! Oh, well:) So, if anyone has good suggestions of how to get nail polish out of carpet- I would greatly appreciate it!

And lastly- FOOD! I'm in love with - that is all:)