Monday, November 19, 2007

Seems like a NEW HOUSE!

Well- here are the long awaited, over due pictures of our house since it has been repainted! I absolutely love it- the painters actually finished up on Halloween- so it took them about 2 weeks to do it. I just now got around to taking some pics -- so ENJOY and WELCOME to my home:)

This is the front entry way. Most of our house we did in the "totally tan" It has turned out to be the perfect color for us!

When you walk in through the front door, on your right is the "dining room" which we use for a toy room- because we have soooo many toys- and who needs a dining room and a breakfast room- it is not like we are holding formal dinners all the time!! But we love the red for when it will be a dining room!
Then if you turn to your left you will see our home office. This is the reason we bought the house- next to being so close to my family. We LOVE it!

Then if you look straight ahead from the entry way- you will see our family room.

Then the kitchen/breakfast room is in front of the family room- it is really just one big open area!
This is the guest bedroom where Ethan sleeps most of the time, until we get the bunkbeds in Dante's/Ethans real room:)

This is the master bath- we went with blue because it is a calming color... and you want to relax in the bathroom.
This is the master bedroom with sitting area. We love our bedroom and we LOVE the new color!! It is a dark red on top, and a dark brown on bottom.
This is Erin's bedroom- we brought the Christmas sheets out- and they love it! They know Christmas gets close- when we bring out the snowman sheets!
This is the kids bathroom.
Here is Dante/Ethan's bedroom... where just Dante sleeps for now.

That is it! It really does feel like a brand new home with everything painted differently and no more writings/drawings/scribblings on the wall! You really don't have to go out and buy a new home- to feel like you are in one:)


Monica said...

Beautiful Bertie!!! Do you do consulting!??! I will need some guidance next time we paint! And your house is soooo cute!! I've never seen the inside before. How on earth do you have it so clean with 3 kids?!?! It feels like a never ending job to keep ours halfway picked up! Love ya!

rangersRus said...

Actually- Chet and I came up with the colors all by ourselves! I was pretty proud:) Oh- and I had a little secret with the picture taking- I would clean a room- snap a picture and move onto the next one! So it just "appears" to be super clean!

Gina said...

Your house is so cute! I bet it feels so great to have fresh clean walls! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Jill Hunt said...

I love it and all the rooms look so good. I cannot wait for the day we own our own home. Great work!

Lindsey said...

I love the colors! Bertie, your house is so nice and big, especially your bedroom! I LOVE it!