Sunday, November 4, 2007


Whooo!! Sometimes my weeks all seem to mesh into one BIG week and I really wonder where the time goes. I can't believe it is already November-- wow! I feel as though we were just celebrating the last day of kindergarten for Dante and now - not only is summer over- but it is November!! WOW!! So, now that 5 years have past since Halloween- I guess I'll update you on our Halloween adventures:) Lots and lots of pics ahead!! I know that is all what we truly want to see!

So- PUMPKIN POLL!! I'm VERY disappointed! I cannot believe that the majority of you chose a "cheaters" pumpkin - over my own "free handed" pumpkin!! :) Ryan (also known as Ry-Ry to my kids) is the "cheater" You will see him in pictures below. If I could afford a manny- my kids would choose him asap!! They love Ry-Ry!

Here is Ryan gutting his pumpkin and Erin and Ethan were on his team.

Here is Dante gutting "our" pumpkin-- he was on my team!

This is the movie we watched while making our pumpkins--- can anyone guess what movie it is??

(funny story) - At one part in the movie as we were carving our pumpkins- there is a little part where the little girl is looking for her parents at a party- and she is saying "MOM??" Anyways- my mom walked in at that very moment and here's "Mom??" and she answers, "What??" and then waits for someone to say- whatever they were going to say - because they were calling her- and me and Ryan just started laughing so hard!! She was like, "what? why are you laughing?" and then she figured it out- that it was on tv! Sooo funny!! I love parents:)

Here is Erin showing the picture she wants done on her pumpkin.

Oh- and what's this?? Oh, yeah- Ryan just stuck the piece of paper on their and starting carving it out with the paper on it!!

Oh, and what's this-- - this is me and my pumpkin and I don't have a picture attached to it! I drew my face on and now I'm going to cut it. :)
Here is Dante SOOOOOOOOOO proud of my work and him helping to push out the pumpkin pieces as i finish cutting each one. You saw the finished products in my previous post- and all of this was in fun! I really don't care whose pumpkin looks better- I just wanted to see if it is worth free handing it-- and I guess not! LOL! Just kidding- :) Thanks for your votes though- and I'm glad Noelle and Kaylynne at least love my work;)

So, here is Ethan- and he got bored pretty quickly, as usual- and he is in the pantry wanting a game. Here he is showing us how bored he is!:)
Not a blink later- he is up on the top shelf trying to get a game. Now- if you are ever playing hide and seek at my moms house with Ethan- just a little hint- so you aren't looking EVERYWHERE and HOURS on end for him-- he will be inside the pantry- sitting on the very top shelf behind the cereal boxes.
He chose Jacks for his game. He didn't quite get it- but he had fun bouncing the ball around.

Oh- and when he is done with the game- his snack of choice is pickles. He could eat pickles ALL day long if I would let him- but BEWARE- we found out the hard way... that pickles cause kanker sores- and he was not too happy about that! I think he would have rather been sick then have a kanker sore. So, he has limited his pickle intake since.:)

Now, onto Halloween night. We decided to go to the Boo Bash up at our church as they were going to have games and trick or treating, etc... Then we would do trick or treating around the neighborhood when we got home. Here are our kiddos in their cute/beautiful/scary costumes.
Dante was a Skeleton Pirate- and anytime he saw another skeleton he would say- YEAH - but I'm different- because I'm a skeleton pirate!!
Here is Erin and Ethan. Can you guess who Ethan is??? Erin is Sleeping Beauty and still has not taken her costume off!

Here is all of us in front of my moms "scary porch". I was Joe the mechanic and my sisters thought it would be funny to worn me- that I probably shouldn't cross dress at church- even if it is Halloween:) I had black smudges on my face- but I think they wore off pretty quickly.

Here is my sister Amy and her little pumpkin Minnikins!! She is the cutest EVER!!

Here is Ethan again at our church and he was the cutest Dennis the Menace EVER!!

Here is Erin doing her "I'm so beautiful" look! Girls are great! And Ethan- behind her... like- ha-ha- I'm in the picture too!!

I guess he got that from me!! Here Brett is trying to take a sweet little Halloween picture with Minnie- and I decide to jump in at the last second- like HA HA- I'm in the picture!! I don't think that trick ever gets old!
Here they finally got the picture taken that they wanted all along!

Our Halloween was a lot of fun- the kids had soo much fun, that they asked if they could do it again the next night. I guess- they haven't caught on that Halloween is just once a year! Now we are onto Thanksgiving and Christmas and then the New Year!! Holy Cow!! Bring it on:)


Avery's mommy said...

what happened to our plans when we were younger to all get married and move next to each other and raise our kids as best friends...i sure wish that would turn would be a great life!

Monica said...

Love the pics Bertie! What a fun night you guys had!

Morgan said...

Ethan does make the perfect dennis the menace!!

Jamie said...

Love the music on the blog! I clicked on your profile and noticed you have 2 other blogs, but nothing on them -- are you gonna do some other kind of blog-- or write on different topics? Your kids look so cute and Ethan really could be Dennis the menace.

rangersRus said...

I would love to actually write on those other blogs- but after i made them- I was like- wait- what am I going to say on them? So- I'm still trying to figure it out- but I have the titles down:)

Micah and Camille Anderson said...

Don't you love the world of blog? We are still in that condo in Willowbrook and as you can see we just got a new roommate. He is the greatest and we love life. Good to hear from you!