Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Pictures!!

Here are a bunch of pictures that were taken over Thanksgiving while we were all camping together:) It was sooo much fun. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and set up camp and got everything organized before it fell dark. It started to rain while we were there, and it had rained before we had arrived as well- just in time to get things really muddy! (I've decided- I don't like muddy camping- dirt camping is fine... but MUD is a whole different story! - especially when you have a little boy that likes to act like a pig;)) We didn't do too much before dark- just checked things out. The next day was beautiful- the sun came out for a while (until the cold front came through) and it was around 75 degrees. As you can see in the canoeing pictures we are in shorts and t-shirts. Then you will see us as bundled as we could get later that night- when the cold front came through between 3-4. Thursday was COLD! COLD! COLD - like 45!- cold!!!! I was the lucky one that had to gut the turkey (which I had never before done!) It actually wasn't bad at all. I was surprised- and I was conjuring up all these different horror stories of what it would be like to gut a turkey.

We deep fry the turkey right at our campsite and everything else is just made on the coleman stoves with propane! It is always so amazingly delicious!

Enjoy the pictures:) This year we went with our whole family and Brett's family (Amy's hubby) came along too- which was so nice, because then my kids had playmates-- and they loved playing "explorer". The pictures area all kind of scrambled because I don't feel like rearranging them in order! LOL!

Ethan, Missy, Dante, Erin, and Lala
Have to get in the round of card games! Especially when it is so cold and drizzly and not much else to do! No body was up for bloody knuckles;(
Our scenic view!
Turnkey time!! Here is my dad carving the turkey and he just pulled off a leg!
Everyone around the camp fire- trying to keep warm, eating our Turkey dinner!
Me getting up in the morning and coming out of the tent and Ethan stretching in the background!
Erin posing for the camera by the lake!
Erin, Missy and Dante
Dante, Lala, Ethan, Missy and Erin. Ethan was in love with his "snow hat"
Dante climbing a tree.
Chet, Ethan, Dante and me canoeing on the beautiful - SUNNY- day!
Here is Minnie in her adorable hat!
Around the campfire at night time!
Erin, Missy and Lala all bundled up and having a good time!
Mac, Chet and Dante stuffing their faces on Thanksgiving!
Lala and Erin:)
Emily and Minnie (sitting on my lap)
Here is my mom and dad cooking breakfast the 1st morning hashbrowns and bacon. I don't think I could do it without them!! PERIOD!:) they are awesome campers!!!
More canoeing.

Pretty canoeing picture!