Friday, December 14, 2007

TAGGED: 6 THINGS about me!! :)

I was tagged by Jill- and I'm supposed to mention 6 facts about myself that others may not know. This should be interesting...... hmmmmmmmmm....... anyone want to help me out a little?? Just kidding!

Ok here we go!

1. I'm a prankster! I love to joke and laugh and pull pranks and laugh some more! But- I'm the worst at actually being able to "pull it off" without people knowing it is me! I get that part from my dad! We both love to joke- but we end up laughing at ourselves- because we think we are SOOOO funny- and everyone knows it is us! A few years back- Chet and I were trying to be serious and saying funny things to people with a straight face, and I'd get half way through whatever I was supposed to say- and I'd start laughing like a crazy person- and he would be like, you're ruining it! Or when I'm hiding and throwing raisins or choc. chips at my kids, or hiding under their bed with the remote for the tv and turning the tv off after they keep turning it on... they only find out it is me, because I start to snicker uncontrollably. I'm just too funny for my own good! Laughing is good- and being able to laugh at yourself is even better!!:)

2. Ever since I was 16- it was my dream to compete in fitness competitions- and it finally happened... when Ethan was 15 months! I kept getting pregnant while trying to train for one- and - somehow, after Ethan we managed to not get preggo- and in 2005 I competed in fitness and won the title of Ms. Fitness Delta 2005 and placed 3rd in Ms. Fitness Texas! Hopefully after I get pregnant the next time- I can go back:)

3. I have no musical abilities at ALL!!! I mean- zip, nada, absolutely NOTHING! I can't sing worth a darn- and it is actually pretty sad, when you start to sing your child a lullaby and they reach up with their chubby little hands, to cover your mouth, and say- "Mom, it's ok- don't sing!" Or in the car- when you are belting out tunes to the radio- they cover their ears and say STOP SINGING!!! I guess I always "knew" I wasn't the best singer... even though I would like to pretend I was..... but the 1st time I was 100% sure, was when I was 14 or so, and I had to get up and sing in a trio, for a fireside (don't ask me what I was doing singing in a trio!!) and I was on the right side, and the girl in the middle plugged her right ear during the song- because she couldn't be "in tune" with me singing next to her. Oh well- I guess my talents lie elsewhere!

4. I'm an ice-cream freak! I will go to the ski slopes- and order the biggest, yummiest banana split, while everyone else is ordering their hot chocolate. I LOVE ice-cream- I mean LOVE it! One year in young women's and I was only 12... we had a 1/2 gallon challenge- where we all got to choose our own flavor or blue bell ice cream- and then we had a race to see who could finish first. I finished SECOND next to an 18 year old boy- who could definitely pull his own weight--- but I was soooo proud of my 2nd place finish in the contest!

5. I'm left side deficient... I'm serious! I'm one of those people that has to cut with my right hand, and then once I'm done cutting- I have to switch the fork back to my right hand, and eat. I can't use my left hand.. I don't know why! Even doing laundry- I'll pour the detergent into the cup with my right hand, and then when it is time to pour the cup into the holder, I have to switch the cup over to my right hand and pour it into the washing machine drawer.... or else I'll spill it everywhere. It bugs me so badly- because I feel like it is such a waste of time to have to keep switching everything back to my right hand--- it would be like working double time, if I could actually USE my left hand!

6. I'm an ice chewer. It is the one habit that I can't seem to break. I chew ice all the time! I get into take a hot bath, I have to take my cup of ice with me... I'm reading a good book- better make sure I have that cup of ice next to me! I know it is terrible for my teeth- but I am addicted to it! I remember when I was like 6- my grandma saying.... if you don't chew ice for a week- I'll get you a barbie doll..... well- I guess that didn't work, huh?! 20 years later- and I'm still chewing it, whenever I get the chance. I can't have a fridge with the crushed ice thingy- because then I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner- and when anybody else goes to get some ice- it's gone... because I've decided to eat it all.

Now it is my turn to tag 6 people! Let's see: Katie, Morgan, Lauren, Lindsey M., Noelle, and Jamie - Have fun and I can't wait to read YOUR answers:)


Mrs. B said...

Dang, I just saw that I've been tagged...I need to get on this!