Monday, December 31, 2007

Way to ring in the NEW YEAR!!

So, a while back there was a tag post about 6 classes I would take if I could take any class I wanted. One of the ones I chose was Party Planning. Well..... I think I have just taken the first step in becoming pro!! One of my new favorite sites to visit is "Hostess with the Mostess". I decided I would try to host a New Years Eve party with some other couples in our ward. We would play games, eat, celebrate while the kids ran wild and played together. It was sooooo much fun! I LOVED decorating for it! This time around - I only did the tables. I have never thrown a party like this before. I've had people over, but it was always more casual...... but this time I wanted to spice it up a little, but on a budget!

So, here are my tables!

This was the adult table.

Long view of the adult table.
Close up of the adult table!

This is the little kids picnic table.

And this is our main dining room table, which more kids sat at.

So, a total of 10 adults were there including 11 kids. It was a houseful, but a lot of fun! We didn't get a chance to bring out the games, because we got started a little late, and everyone had to get their kids home to bed. So, we had New Years a little early:) Here was what was planned:

3 families including me brought their favorite soup.
1 family, including me brought dessert
I also had cheese asiago bread, and Sour baguets on hand to go with the soups.

Then at "midnight" I gave a blown up balloon to everyone and we counted down from 5 and then everyone sat on their balloon or popped it however they wanted to.

It was a lot of fun just talking with everyone and getting to know people better and just having a good time.

Now- for the decorations. I got ALL my stuff 50% off because I went shopping Sat. Everything on the table was purchased on Saturday!! I had no party stuff before that! The "table cloth" was silver and white with silver writing tissue paper. The "table runner" was silver wrapping paper. The stars on the napkins are just silver ornaments. I then bought some silver garland and mint kisses and spread them over the table runner.

I'm proud of myself for my 1st party thrown ever without ANY help from ANYONE:) I feel like a big girl now! Here's to the next one!!

Oh- and my new class that I want to take in place of this one, is how to rip open a bag of something, without all the contents falling all over the place and scattering! Seriously!! How is that done??? I'm the worst!