Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Calling!:)

Today in church I was officially sustained as the new Beehives Advisor and I'm absolutely thrilled and soooo excited! The girls that I am with are actually the same girls that I taught when they were 10-12. And the leader I'm with, was in Achievement Days with me as well- so I know I'm with great company. I taught them for about 2 years before being moved over to nursery.

I have absolutely LOVED being in nursery.. it is the sweetest place to be in church. I have felt so honored to serve with the little ones- especially knowing- that the 1st place Heavenly Father and Jesus would go to visit is the nursery. My kids were so exceptional! They were amazing and I really do feel blessed to have been in that calling for a year. I'll still be in there for the 1st hour of meetings til' they can replace me full time- then the 2nd hour I'll go over to Young Womens.

I'm so excited for this calling- mainly because I had the most AMAZING Beehive advisor when I was in young womens... and she did a phenomenal job with the our whole group. We all loved her and we all looked up to her and love her dearly and I'm so blessed to have her be one of my blog contributors in many comments:) and still be a part of my life!

Everytime I get a new calling, I always think back to when I was the person being taught in those callings, and what I took most out of it and what they did that I remembered... and if I remembered- then that means they did something good- and my girls are sure to remember too!

I'm so excited since I had a great example for a beehive advisor, and i know that if I did 1/2 as good as she did- then my girls will learn a lot:) So, thankyou Monica for being the best beehive advisor ever- and I hope to come in 2nd, next to you- that would be an honor:)

So, Chinese fire drills, sleepovers, wrapping houses, lots and lots of spiritual stories decked out in marker, including everyone and making them feel like they are your favorite, being positive all of the time, being there for them when they need you, bringing lots of good treats and cool handouts, going to haunted houses on Halloween, and most of all just LOVING THEM WITH ALL YOUR HEART!!! --- here I come (and thanks again Monica, for showing me how to do this:))


Kaylynne said...

That is exciting. I am sure you will be a great Beehivor Advisor. So much fun.

Monica said...

Oh my gosh Bertie - I've never had a blog make me cry! That was the nicest thing I've ever read! But it's easy to be a good leader when you have THE MOST AMAZING GIRLS EVER to be with that you just can't help but love!

Your new Beehives are SO SO LUCKY to have you!! I already know they are going to adore you and have so much fun with you and learn so much!! Best of luck and let me know if you guys have any great activities so I can steal your ideas!! Love you!

Avery's mommy said...

Congrats Bertie- Those girls are going to be so lucky to have such a fun loving and enthusiastic leader!

Gretchen said...


You'll do a great job in that calling. You're right about the kids in nursery, though. I still miss them. The older kids are great, too, but in a totally different way.