Friday, December 28, 2007

The night before Christmas!

Christmas Eve in our family is always a lot of fun! I decided to forget my camera again, and instead of driving for 2 min. and getting it, I thought that the pictures taken with my moms camera would be enough. Well, so many people had their video cameras out, that I'm afraid, digital pictures of the night are scarce. We started off with lots and lots of appetizer like food and then some desserts. Then we moved into the Nativity play. At the last minute I was told I was in charge of the play, so I looked on line for a cute nativity play that was written for children, and found a really, really cute one!! The kids loved it- the adults loved it and thought it was super cute too:) Then the kids did their gift exchange with their cousins and THEN what we had all been waiting for PAJAMA TIME! Our family has the tradition of the PJ elf, and we all get matching or semi-matching pj's each year. Then we watched Home Alone and the kids were out and we were just happily waiting for Santa to arrive:) So enjoy the pictures that I have of the night:)

Here is cutie Minnie!
Do they not look EXACTLY alike??
Here is the face Minnie makes everytime she sees Chet! It is hysterical!

Here are the puppies! They are already starting to get bigger! But, they are always a huge hit with everyone!
Erin and a puppy!
Ginger and a puppy.


This year we all got scrubs!! All the girls got matching pink, and the boys got blue! The kids were sooo adorable in their outfits! They looked like real mini doctors and nurses!


Morgan said...

I love seeing pictures of your family! i miss them. Christie is so beautiful, Emily and elizabeth are so grown up and I can't believe Elise is ENGAGED?!?!!

Jenn W said...

Okay, this is completely off the subject of Christmas eve. Anyway, what book or books that you have read this year would you recommend to read? I like that you've read the self-improvment books and parenting books and even fiction (should I read Eclipse?)! Amazing that you have time to do all that!

Stephanie said...

What a fun family and Christmas time! You all look great in those PJs!!!

Gretchen said...

What a great picture of the whole family. Too bad you couldn't find any "Minnie" scrubs! Get it... Mini - Minnie. Oh, I kill me.