Wednesday, December 5, 2007

O' Christmas Tree, when I am bored, O' How much fun I haaa-ave!!

Yesterday was the day that we went out and picked out our Christmas tree. We were planning on going to a Tree Farm and actually chopping one down- but we ended up just going to the Houston Garden Center and looking through what seemed like millions before finding the perfect one!! Here is our grand adventure and as always adorned with lots and lots of pics!:)

Beautiful day--- probably about 65 with a light breeze- and perfectly sunny! I love Houston weather, because it will get cold JUST long enough to remind you- how you don't really want it to be so cold! That same morning it was 34 in the morning and their was ice on my windshield!

Erin loves riding on these wagons whenever we go to any nursery or garden center.

Ethan wants the trees with snow on them... my mom is behind him, helping us find the perfect tree, and getting 2 for her as well.
Dante being cute!

Ethan being cute.. and really thinking MOM- you are silly!
We were so excited Chet had the day off and could come tree shopping with us! He feels left out of our blog, and all of his friends think he is dead. After we took this picture- I was like, why didn't you smile real big? Because Chet really has a million dollar watt smile-.... and these are the pictures I got afterwards!

Is this better?
Or maybe this...... There are quite a few more- but I'll save those for another post relating to something silly about Chet:) I love you honey!!
Everyone always has so much fun when Dad is around- and you ask- why is Ethan crying?... if he has so much fun when Dad is around??
Because they were playing hide and seek with Dad within the millions of Christmas trees and Ethan was running like a mad man- hit a patch of slipper rocks, and went sliding and scraped up his knee pretty bad. In this picture it actually looks pretty good- I had blood all over my shirt by the end of Christmas Tree shopping.. and you can see that he already has a band-aid on his other knee. None the less- he did keep playing as soon as my shirt wiped up the blood.

Chet showing me how funny he is again and showing off our magnificent tree:) He always wanted a job on the price of right- but when he heard they only accepted girl models- he was quite disappointed and he is still trying to show them what they missed out on, for passing him up!

Now- this is the part where when I get bored- sometimes I have a little too much fun at my kids own expense! After Christmas tree shopping, we went to the store to go grab some stuff... and towards the tail end, I was just sitting up front with the kids... and there are always those candy machines and trinket machines...and they always ask for "coins". I kept saying no.. and they kept saying yes. I felt like I was stuck in the part in Sining in the Rain where they are going "yes, yes, yes" "No,no,no" Chet was taking a little longer then expected - so I decided to play a game. I started asking them to do things for the coins.....

Here is Ethan saying "please..."then I made him make this face
Then Erin wanted to play...
Then I told them to squish their faces up
This one made me laugh so hard!!

Then I asked Ethan to do one more- but he sat on the ground and started to pout- saying no more mommy, no more!! Just give me the coins... so needless to say- they all got coins. Dante was lucky enough to escape my torture because he was in the bathroom.


Katie said...

ok bertie, there is no excuse for chet wearing that horrible hat!!! doesn't he know that longhorns aren't very cool? you need to get him an Aggie hat for christmas!! :) GIG 'EM!!

Lindsey said...

What cute pictures! Sounds like you had a great day!

Morgan said...

Bertie, anytime I see a picture of Ethan I start laughing because all I see is your face. It's almost like your face on a little boys body. :)

Kaylynne said...

Sounds like fun. When I just glanced at the pictures I thought the scrap was on his butt. I was going to make fun of you for child indescency.

indeazgirl said...

You are a very fun mom :)