Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I LOVE Dante's scooter!!

And maybe I only REALLY love it because- he LOVES it and is so excited to leave the house every morning so he can ride his scooter to school! Usually if he is walking or riding his scooter, I have him leave the house around 7:35 - because he likes to be to school super early so he can talk with his friends. We live just right across the street from the school- which is always a plus. I love it though- because I don't have to take him, or pick him up anymore. If it is brutally cold outside- I usually will drive him to school, but ever since he started to take his scooter over walking- he will go no matter what the temperature is. The other day it was 35 in the morning, and he was like- ok, mom, I'm leaving! And I was like- oh, Dante it is freezing outside- let me drive you and he looks at me like I'm a whimp... and goes- let me feel how cold it is outside. So, he goes outside and stands there for a minute, and then looks at me, and is like MOOOOMMM! It's not cold! I can totally handle this! So- off he went! :) I LOVE it!!! It is sooo nice for me:)


Melanie Rossi said...

Hey, you found my blog. How cool. That's funny that you saw us taking our family pictures that day. By the way, did you know the lady at the front desk of Commonwealth always gets you and I mixed up? Everytime I would go up there she calls me Mrs. Ranger.