Friday, December 28, 2007

What a happy, happy Christmas!

Here are a bunch of fun Christmas morning pictures. My kids are kind of weird- they LOVE Christmas- but they LOVE their sleep even more- usually my younger sisters will come in and try to wake my kids up around 8:00 and say they have been waiting for TOO long- it's time for the kids to get up NOW! All the rest of the adults shout HOORAY for kids who like to sleep in on Christmas morning:)
Chet and Erin were the last to make it down the stairs... and Chet was trying so hard to get Erin in the Christmas mood:)

Ethan and Erin both loved their REALLY long bubble gum sticks! They took a bite and moved right along!

AWWW!! Here is the happy new couple, soon to be married. They both got down throws and matching booties!! Perfect for winter cuddling:)

Here is Dante just LOVING every minute of Christmas morning!

Minnie with all of her cute new toys. She absolutely loves the little wagon, and we will push her in it from person to person, and it looks like she is riding a roller coaster! It is so cute!!

Emily and all of her morning glory:)

Elizabeth goes coo-coo for Soft Lips!:)

Here is Chet really, REALLY hoping that we found a stocking for him that has the Mary Poppins effect... but unfortunately he did not get the lucky stocking.. maybe next year:)

It was a fabulous Christmas and time with the family is always the best! I won't necessarily remember what gifts I got this year or what year I got the set of plates, or the year that I got my new shoes- but I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE LOVE AND WARMTH I FEEL WHEN I'M WITH MY WHOLE FAMILY!


Jill Hunt said...

I love the scrubs for jammies. What a cute idea. I wanted new jammies this year but only all the grandkids got them on Christmas Eve. Looks like you guys were spoiled just like us! How fun!

Lindsey said...

What a fun christmas!

Katie said...

what a great time! i love that your kids sleep in...that is so nice for you and chet!