Sunday, December 30, 2007

Favorite toys so far from Santa!

Dante loves this air canon. You pump it, then it shoots out air! He does this all day long- and will do it in your face if you allow him too:)

Erin loves her new easel. This picture was actually painted by Dante, but Erin did add the little pink and purple girl on the right. Then I told Ethan to add a little something to it too, and this is what Ethan had to add.....

I guess he didn't get it, when I meant, add it to the paper! Luckily it is VERY washable.. and washes right up!

Ethan's favorite toy this Christmas was his Scooby Doo ball. He loves it so much he has started to sleep with it. It's great!

I love how simple kids are:)