Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great Christmas gift for yourself!

This is a small advertisement for my wonderful friend Lindsey who is just now getting her feet off in the world of personal training. She is not new to working out or knowing her stuff at all though- she is as experienced as they come, she just thought she would now actually put her knowledge to use. She is due to get certified in Feb., so as of right now she is running a special for 30 dollars a month (which CAN'T be beat!!) I will back Lindsey up 110% on any service she offers because she is THAT amazing. Why not get this as a Christmas gift for yourself and start the New Year off right! She will be your cheerleader, she will give you your programs and tailor it to YOUR needs and each month it changes on how your body is responding and changing.... (this is rare to find in an actual health club- because they usually will have a basic plan for everyone) She will be in constant contact with you for whatever you may need. To learn more, here is her training website.......... She is in Springville, UT - but she will train you from anywhere. Lindsey is cute, fun, energetic, inspiring, knowledgable and is ALL that a personal trainer should embody! So I say go for it- and splurge on yourself for once and be selfish, because we all know, that when we take care of ourselves - we are better equipped to take care of the ones most precious to us. And as we say in the training world.... HAPPY TRAINING:)


Lindsey said...

Aw, thanks! You're too nice!