Saturday, December 22, 2007


Last night, Chet and I, had the priviledge of going to "It's a Wonderful Life" the broadway version. It was AMAZING!! What a fantastic story!! At the very end after Clarence got his wings... the Bailey family sang a song about how "Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes... but the greatest gifts of all are LIFE and LOVE." I know this movie is a "christmas" movie-- but it really is a life lesson that is taught- and I think everyone should watch this movie on a monthly basis!!

There used to be this commercial of an "insvisible" person doing housework, driving family places, cooking dinner, moving their child farther back from the tv, etc... and that person of course was the mom.. and then it went into the product it was advertising, but how many times do we feel invisible? Like everything we do doesn't seem to be getting through, or make a difference, or we have to do it 100 times a day. We always feel like we are falling behind, and no matter how much we do in the day- we still feel like maybe we aren't doing enough, or we feel
stretched to our limit, and that if we just weren't here- then you can be replaced so easily with a maid, a cook, a chauffer, etc.....

But, it is not the day to day things, the routine things, that would be missed... but us, ourselves and everything we stand for and all of our LOVE that we have to give.

George Bailey sacrificed what he wanted to do in life- and wanting to make a difference in the world. Instead he was stuck in Bedford Falls so that he could keep his Father's company alive and not falling into the hands of a greedy old man, who only cared about money, and not how it
affected people. And, even though he didn't get to make a difference in the "world" that didn't matter- because he made a difference to Mary, his kids, Harry, and Bedford Falls.

This all reminds me of that one story about the little boy throwing star fish into the sea... and a man came walking by saying, why are you doing that- it's not like it matters, there are millions of these star fish washed up on the shore! You aren't going to make a difference. The little boy- had enough wisdom to reply, To that one star fish, I did make a difference !

I would love to be taken on a journey of what would happen if "Bertie" was never born! I think it would be a lot of fun... so that when I'm feeling blue or like I don't matter, I can just pull out that video, and be like- I CAN and DO make a difference, it is the small things that make a difference. I'm extremely loved by my wonderful little family, my extended family- I LOVE them tremendously-- I'm ALIVE and I can do whatever I want!! It is so easy for me to see how each and everyone one of YOU have influenced my life for the better... but sometimes it is so hard, for me to see what I have done for anyone else, but I must be doing something right if ya'll are all still my friends, and my family is still with me;)

But seriously! LIFE IS WONDERFUL if you are ALIVE and that much sweeter when you have someone special to share it with and the more bambinos the better!:)

Merry Christmas to everyone! Here's to wishing you a WONDERFUL LIFE!!