Saturday, December 15, 2007

The love of randomness

This year Santa came a little early for me and Chet. My mom offered to give us a piano for Christmas, but Chet wanted a professional keyboard- which is cheaper, and just as good- and this is what we got! We love it!!! Well, the kids love it and Chet loves it! I love it too, except for when I'm trying to have quiet time and the kids decide to turn the speakers up SUPER loud and the sound resonates throughout the house... and I get no peace. But it's all good. So good in fact- Dante - will not let us take him away from his "hour" of practice. The other day after school, I needed to run some fun errands and thought the kids would like to come with me. However, all I heard from Dante was- but MOM- I have to practice for one hour! Are you sure you don't want to go see the puppies??.... no, mom, I have to practice for an hour.... What about practicing later and going to the park, because it is sooo beautiful?? No, mom- I have to practice for an hour!

THEN- as you ALL know from my 6 things listed below- I'm not musically inclined at ALL! I can play the piano with my right hand, but not my left--- just something to do with my left side being stupid. Anyhow- so it came to a total shock to me- when last year at this time of year--- I learned Chet knew how to play the piano with BOTH hands! When we were dating, we both had said, we can play the piano, but not that well- and I just thought, that meant he can only play with his right hand too. So, last year, we were over at my family's house and we are singing Christmas carols and my dad isn't home yet- so we see if anyone can play the piano, and Chet says- I can. I so "ignorantly" say, "honey, I think they mean someone who can play more then just the right hand." He then says- I can do more then the right hand... and then I said- well, I think they mean someone who can play well and keep up with the singers.... and he was like- I can do it. So, he sits down- and doesn't miss a beat!!! I was like What the heck?? You said you weren't very good- that is AMAZING!!!

So- on with my story about the other night- Chet and I went to bed around 12:30 AM and we had been laying there for probably 5 min. when Chet says- I just want to go play the piano for a little bit. I say, ok, just turn it down a bit so the kids don't wake up..... he turns on one of the automated tunes and sits and listens, then when it is done.... he starts playing it!? I mean- no music or anything?? So- NOW - Chet has gone from- (in my eyes) "not being able to play the piano very well" (only right hand) to being able to actually accompany a group of people perfectly with music-- and NOW- he can play by ear????? Seriously! how many more secrets does this man have up his sleeve?? He is a musical genius!!! "I'm not very good at the piano"- my arse!:)

But we are all enjoying the "professional keyboard"! Thanks mom and dad!

And- today.... I guess Ethan thought it would be fun to get dressed and put his underwear on backwards giving him an all day, automatic wedgie- and he figured it must be snowing outside, hence the hat-- and he is in love with the vacuum cleaner and it sucking in his skin. It is an all day entertainer!! :)


Katie said...

love his little outfit! :)