Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gingerbread House time!!

This afternoon was Dante's Christmas party up at his school and our whole family was invited to come and help make a Ginger Bread house with Dante. I was excited about this- because it meant, I didn't have to do one here and the mess would stay at the school!!:) It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved it- and i felt bad, because there were 4 students to a table of "candy and icing" and my kids were eating more of the food then the others, so- there was hardly any left for them.. Whoopsies! Anyways- what I love about my kids soooo much- is that they are BEST FRIENDS! As soon as Dante walked in from recess-- they ran to him and were like Dante! Dante!! Gave him the biggest hug and were so excited to see him. Everytime Dante comes home from school- they are like- MOM- look- our friend Dante is here!! It always makes me so happy to see that they know they are more then just siblings stuck together!!:)

The funny thing about them being friends is when they aren't being nice to one another, one of them will throw an attitude and say- "I'm not your friend anymore." Then 5 min. later they are friends again--- but Ethan a few months ago was mad at me for some reason- and he goes, "MOM! I'm not your friend anymore!" As he proceeds to fold his arms and turn around and throw his head back like ,"humph" That is what he has learned from Erin! LOL!


Lindsey said...

How cute that they're such good friends! Doesn't it make you glad they're so close in age?!