Monday, December 31, 2007

Way to ring in the NEW YEAR!!

So, a while back there was a tag post about 6 classes I would take if I could take any class I wanted. One of the ones I chose was Party Planning. Well..... I think I have just taken the first step in becoming pro!! One of my new favorite sites to visit is "Hostess with the Mostess". I decided I would try to host a New Years Eve party with some other couples in our ward. We would play games, eat, celebrate while the kids ran wild and played together. It was sooooo much fun! I LOVED decorating for it! This time around - I only did the tables. I have never thrown a party like this before. I've had people over, but it was always more casual...... but this time I wanted to spice it up a little, but on a budget!

So, here are my tables!

This was the adult table.

Long view of the adult table.
Close up of the adult table!

This is the little kids picnic table.

And this is our main dining room table, which more kids sat at.

So, a total of 10 adults were there including 11 kids. It was a houseful, but a lot of fun! We didn't get a chance to bring out the games, because we got started a little late, and everyone had to get their kids home to bed. So, we had New Years a little early:) Here was what was planned:

3 families including me brought their favorite soup.
1 family, including me brought dessert
I also had cheese asiago bread, and Sour baguets on hand to go with the soups.

Then at "midnight" I gave a blown up balloon to everyone and we counted down from 5 and then everyone sat on their balloon or popped it however they wanted to.

It was a lot of fun just talking with everyone and getting to know people better and just having a good time.

Now- for the decorations. I got ALL my stuff 50% off because I went shopping Sat. Everything on the table was purchased on Saturday!! I had no party stuff before that! The "table cloth" was silver and white with silver writing tissue paper. The "table runner" was silver wrapping paper. The stars on the napkins are just silver ornaments. I then bought some silver garland and mint kisses and spread them over the table runner.

I'm proud of myself for my 1st party thrown ever without ANY help from ANYONE:) I feel like a big girl now! Here's to the next one!!

Oh- and my new class that I want to take in place of this one, is how to rip open a bag of something, without all the contents falling all over the place and scattering! Seriously!! How is that done??? I'm the worst!

Happy New Years Eve!!

A little over a year ago I joined a club called Toastmasters, and it is to help strengthen your public speaking skills. Anyways, last December I gave this speech and won first place that day... and I thought I would share it with all of you, to help with your New Years Resolutions!! YOU CAN DO EET!!

Don't be a New Year's Resolution Loser!

One evening my sister and I were driving to the gym and nothing was out of the ordinary, the day was a normal day, the weather was nice and cool, and we were chatting and before I knew it, we were at the gym. So, I pulled into the parking lot, and I couldn't find ONE parking spot!! So, I ended up waiting and then getting a parking spot in the very back! I turned to my sister, and I said, I wonder what is going on here tonight? Then it dawned on me!! Of course, these are all the New Years people trying to get fit! Then I thought to myself, well the gym will be back to normal in April! Yes-- the busiest day at the gym is January 1st!! And by April, 70% of the people who joined for to get fit this year, no longer go! So, madame toastmaster, fellow toast masters and guests. How is it that we can keep our New Years resolutions this year, and not be a statistic? First you have to envision your resolution and make it realistic, then you have to map it out, and last you need to JUST DO IT!!!

Some of the most common New Year's resolutions are: Get into shape, pay down your debt and have better money management, give up a habit such as smoking or drinking or biting your nails and be more organized! Which one do you commonly have down on your list as a New Year's resolution? What do you want it to be? I know for me, it is to not procrastinate! Every year, without fail, that is on my list! Obviously, I'm doing something wrong, if I haven't accomplished it yet! So, this year, not only am I going to set it as a resolution- I'm going to make it realistic, and instead of saying I'm not going to procrastinate, I'll change it to I won't wait til' the night before anymore, I'll have to do whatever it is, at least 2 days in advance!

Once your goal is in sight and you know exactly what you want it to be, how do you make it happen? Well, if you fail to plan, then plan to fail! In order to help accomplish your New Years resolution, you need to map it out from here to there! 3 years ago, my friend Laura, called me ecstaticly to let me know she had joined the local gym that I was a member at as well! Laura and her husband had gone 2 weeks before Christmas to get the membership to begin their journey to a fitter lifestyle starting in 2004. On January 1st, I got a call from Laura, saying how she was lost trying to get to the gym, as Bill had driven them to the gym the first time they went, and she did not remember how to get there, when for sure she thought she did know how. I thought, you can't really get from point A to point B without a map, and if without a map or directions from someone, how would she get to the gym to fulfill her New Years resolution? So, map out your goal, even if you think you know how to get there in your head, put it down on paper and figure out the exact route you are going to take, and don't deviate from that route. For example, if one of your resolutions this year is to get in better shape, set a time, everday that you are going to go to the gym. Set up little specific goals as steps to reach the big one and set up a time line, to accomplish each goal. Maybe have a friend call you to keep you accountable, and make sure that you know what you are going to do in order to get yourself out of a rut, if you don't feel like going to the gym, or if you are tempted by a really sweet treat!

Now, you have envisioned your goal, you have mapped it out! Now- All you have to do is DO IT!!! So many days go by, when I know exactly what I want to do, i even plan for it and how I'm gonna do it- then when the time comes around to go to the gym or whatever it may be I'm too tired, or something comes up, and I don't do it. Well, what good is the planning and envisioning if it is just going to stay a dream? You have to walk out that door, or put down that treat no matter what, and just do it! No more excuses! You have everything you need in order to accomplish what you want- but only you can make it happen! So, get to work, and do!!

Let's not be a part of the 70% statistic of people who do not keep their New Years Resolution! Let's envision, plan, and do! Think of those 3 steps as a camera tripod, take away any one of those little steps, no matter how well you think you can do with just 2, and the camera will topple! Envision, plan, DO, and be a New Year's resolution winner!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Favorite toys so far from Santa!

Dante loves this air canon. You pump it, then it shoots out air! He does this all day long- and will do it in your face if you allow him too:)

Erin loves her new easel. This picture was actually painted by Dante, but Erin did add the little pink and purple girl on the right. Then I told Ethan to add a little something to it too, and this is what Ethan had to add.....

I guess he didn't get it, when I meant, add it to the paper! Luckily it is VERY washable.. and washes right up!

Ethan's favorite toy this Christmas was his Scooby Doo ball. He loves it so much he has started to sleep with it. It's great!

I love how simple kids are:)

Friday, December 28, 2007

What a happy, happy Christmas!

Here are a bunch of fun Christmas morning pictures. My kids are kind of weird- they LOVE Christmas- but they LOVE their sleep even more- usually my younger sisters will come in and try to wake my kids up around 8:00 and say they have been waiting for TOO long- it's time for the kids to get up NOW! All the rest of the adults shout HOORAY for kids who like to sleep in on Christmas morning:)
Chet and Erin were the last to make it down the stairs... and Chet was trying so hard to get Erin in the Christmas mood:)

Ethan and Erin both loved their REALLY long bubble gum sticks! They took a bite and moved right along!

AWWW!! Here is the happy new couple, soon to be married. They both got down throws and matching booties!! Perfect for winter cuddling:)

Here is Dante just LOVING every minute of Christmas morning!

Minnie with all of her cute new toys. She absolutely loves the little wagon, and we will push her in it from person to person, and it looks like she is riding a roller coaster! It is so cute!!

Emily and all of her morning glory:)

Elizabeth goes coo-coo for Soft Lips!:)

Here is Chet really, REALLY hoping that we found a stocking for him that has the Mary Poppins effect... but unfortunately he did not get the lucky stocking.. maybe next year:)

It was a fabulous Christmas and time with the family is always the best! I won't necessarily remember what gifts I got this year or what year I got the set of plates, or the year that I got my new shoes- but I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE LOVE AND WARMTH I FEEL WHEN I'M WITH MY WHOLE FAMILY!

The night before Christmas!

Christmas Eve in our family is always a lot of fun! I decided to forget my camera again, and instead of driving for 2 min. and getting it, I thought that the pictures taken with my moms camera would be enough. Well, so many people had their video cameras out, that I'm afraid, digital pictures of the night are scarce. We started off with lots and lots of appetizer like food and then some desserts. Then we moved into the Nativity play. At the last minute I was told I was in charge of the play, so I looked on line for a cute nativity play that was written for children, and found a really, really cute one!! The kids loved it- the adults loved it and thought it was super cute too:) Then the kids did their gift exchange with their cousins and THEN what we had all been waiting for PAJAMA TIME! Our family has the tradition of the PJ elf, and we all get matching or semi-matching pj's each year. Then we watched Home Alone and the kids were out and we were just happily waiting for Santa to arrive:) So enjoy the pictures that I have of the night:)

Here is cutie Minnie!
Do they not look EXACTLY alike??
Here is the face Minnie makes everytime she sees Chet! It is hysterical!

Here are the puppies! They are already starting to get bigger! But, they are always a huge hit with everyone!
Erin and a puppy!
Ginger and a puppy.


This year we all got scrubs!! All the girls got matching pink, and the boys got blue! The kids were sooo adorable in their outfits! They looked like real mini doctors and nurses!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Favorite part of Christmas!

Every year since I can remember my family has done a secret Santa kind of thing. My dad would pick a family or 2 and we would gather all the stuff we thought they would need or want, toys for the kids, groceries, etc.... We would then leave it all on their doorstep late at night and then knock and run. The kids actually would stay in the car or a secret hiding place as we were too little to knock and run fast enough, so that was my dads job. But, we would always get to see one family member open the door, and see what the knock was for, and all of a sudden you would see the whole family outside in their pj's and robes in complete awe and that "Santa" does exist. It is usually always done anonymously. This year was a little different. My moms friend told us about a family of 6 little girls who are being raised by their great grandmother for one reason or another, and the mom not being able to take care of the kids. So, here is this 76 year old woman taking care of 6 girls between the ages of 3-11. We were so excited to do this little family because we have 6 girls in our family, so we each took a girl (we did it in order of birth- so I was paired with the 2nd oldest, Amy got the oldest, etc....) It was so much fun shopping for the girls... but the best part was when we pulled up to their house- they all came pouring out of the house and started giving us all hugs and were soooo excited!!! It reminded me of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, where when a family finds out that they are getting their house done, they all run outside happily and in pure joy and excitement. As I was shopping for my girl, I was having a hard time, because I was like some girls are boyish and HATE the color pink like I did when I was younger, and others LOVE it. Then my sister turns to me and says, Bertie- I'm sure these girls are not going to be picky at all- they are going to be so excited and love anything you give them. And I thought, that is true.. I'm too used to living in a world, where people complain if something isn't just right, they send it back if they just don't like it, etc.... instead of just being greatful for recieving something and actually REALLY, REALLY needing it! After we gave them their presents, we went outside and played games with them, we played freeze tag, red rover- red rover, and duck duck goose. It was a lot of fun- and I'm sad my kids weren't there to be able to see the joy you can bring someone by giving:) And I'm so greatful to my parents who taught me very early on, what giving can do for someone else! Here are some fun pictures of that day!

These are some of the new sheets/comforters that I picked out for my girls.
Here is my mom with the amazing Great Grandma who will do anything to keep these girls together!!

Playing freeze tag, and Amy got frozen so Nina had to unfreeze her by going through her legs.

Here are all the girls singing one of their church songs they have learned for us... it was so cute! After they sang us a song, we all sang them I am a Child of God.

Here we are all before we have to go. The girl that we had is standing in front of us or by us. It really was such an amazing time to spend with these girls who are so precious in the sight of the Lord and deserve so much! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do this, this year:)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

101 Reasons I LOVE my family:)

This is my 100th post. Can you believe it!! I can't - I find it kind of amazing that I'm up to 100... and as I thought of what to do to celebrate it, I just didn't feel right with doing a 100 question survey or 100 funny jokes, etc... So- I decided to list 101 reasons why I love my family- 100 for the blog and 1 to grow on! Enjoy!

1. I love how we all love eachother.
2. I love how we all have our own little quirks.
3. I love how Dante is a prankster, just like me and Chet.
4. I love how Erin loves to be close to me and touching my neck.
5. I love how Ethan is a rambunctious little squirt.
6. I love how Chet never forgets to kiss me goodbye before leaving for work and when he gets home.
7. I love how my kids get along more than they don't get a long.
8. I love it when one of my kids get something- and they immediately want to share with the other 2 siblings. (but not usually with mom or dad;))
9. I love it when Dante smiles and says, "Hug!" and then gives you a hug.
10. I love it when Erin will sit and draw a picture for hours and then she will save it for someone special to give to... like her cousin Minnie, or grandma, or for the family we have for Secret Santa this year.
11. I love it when Ethan runs to me anytime I get home, and is like MOM is home! Yeah for mommy!
12. I love it how Chet can make me laugh at any given moment and in any circumstance:)
13. I love how my whole family will be together forever.
14. I love how my kids love their aunts soooo much!
15. I love it how Erin and Ethan will miss Dante during the day and want to walk to his school to go get him (not understanding that I can't just take him out whenever I please)
16. I love how my kids use their imaginations, and pretend to be mom (Erin) dad (dante) and the "toddler" (ethan)
17. I love how Chet loves me for all my little quirks that can sometimes get on EVERYONE's nerves!
18. I love it when Erin will take every doll or stuffed animal and wrap each one in a blanket or a towel or a washcloth and put them down for bed. Even her pollypockets (which are about at 100) get put to bed.
19. I love it when Dante stands up for Erin or Ethan.
20. I love it when Ethan still trys his hardest to have energy when he is sick.
21. I love it how my kids can make me smile when I feel like I am at my wits end.
22. I love how caring all my kids are.
23. I love how my kids can make friends with anyone!
24. I love it when my kids allow me to have "quiet time".
25. I love it when Chet notices when I have a need, and fulfills it.
26. I love it how my kids LOVE their dad!!
27. I love it how much Chet loves the kids.. he is the BEST dad ever!
28. I love how my family can all laugh together.
29. I love how close we all are, and I hope that never changes!!!
30. I love how much love my kids have in their hearts.
31. I love how forgiving both Chet and the kids are.
32. I love Dante's prayers... even though they may be lengthy, they are sooo precious! (he usually goes through his primary lesson and thanks heavenly father for each thing he learned)
33. I love Erin's sweet spirit.
34. I love Ethan's positive energy.
35. I love Chet for his rediculous good looks!!
36. I love how Chet works SO hard for our family so that I can stay home and to provide for us.
37. I love how Dante will act like a class clown and not care what anyone else thinks, no matter where we are.
38. I love how Erin loves to cuddle.
39. I love how Ethan has a zest for life.
40. I love how when Chet has a passion for something he goes full force at it, til' he achieves it or is the best he can be, or until' he finds his next passion.
41. I love Dante's hunger for learning.
42. I love Erin's hunger for being a natural nurterer.
43. I love Ethan's hunger for danger.
44. I love how my family will go along with anything I want.
45. I love how my family mainly likes what I cook, and are not picky eaters:)
46. I love my family for the pure joy that they ALL bring me.
47. I love how my kids are so willing to help me out when I need it.
48. I love how Chet is submissive to me.
49. I love how my kids eyes light up when they get excited!
50. I love it when my kids obey.
51. I love how my kids love the gospel and love primary (with the exception of Erin:))
52. I love Erin, how she ALWAYS wants to be with me
53. I love how much Chet loves me!
54. I love my family for the small things that they teach me, that add up to sooooo much more and precious then I would learn without them.
55. I love my family for sticking together - NO MATTER WHAT!
56. I love how Chet is willing to reassure me anytime I need it.
57. I love how Dante stands up for himself.
58. I love how Erin loves all of her friends.
59. I love how Ethan is a total boys boy!
60. I love it how my family is patient most of the time.
61. I love how Erin is a total girly girl!
62. I love how my family loves ALL kinds of music.
63. I love how each of us have our own separate talents.
64. I love how Dante is musical and loves it!
65. I love how Erin loves dance and cheerleading.
66. I love how Ethan is a total future "x-gamer". (we call him our little x-gamer)
67. I love how my kids laugh at being subjected to my pranks.
68. I love how my whole family knows how to laugh with each other and at themselves too.
69. I love how much fun we have together, no matter what we are doing.
70. I love how Dante wants to be with us together forever, and is constantly reminding us of it!
71. I love how curious my kids are about life and such.
72. I love the innocence and pureness of my kids.
73. I love it that Chet is the rock in our family, and NEVER exercises righteous dominion.
74. I love Chet for the amazing person he is inside and his true character.
75. I love Dante for his sweetness.
76. I love Erin for her cuteness, and her randomness.
77. I love Ethan for his BIG smiles.
78. I love how Chet can see the sunshine in the midst of the rain.
79. I love how my family treasures one another.
80. I love how Dante is growing up to be such a wonderful boy!
81. I love how Erin is always willing to do whatever anyone else wants to do.
82. I love how Ethan will just randomly learn a new trick, and get so excited for me to watch 100 times!!
83. I love it when our family has dinner together and we can all reflect on the day.
84. I love it when we go on small mini trips together.
85. I love it when my kids don't pout when I ask them not to.
86. I love it how my family is willing to do whatever mom wants to do.
87. I love how my kids will allow me to dress them up however I want, for whatever I want, as long as they can change as soon as we are back home.
88. I love how my kids have their own unique personalities.
89. I love how I can see certain qualities in our kids that are from Chet and then some from me- and it makes me really realize these kids are apart of ME and CHET and we have to do ALL we can to help them be the best they can!!
90. I love it when Chet surprises me.
91. I love how Chet can be so wishy washy sometimes... that it makes me laugh.
92. I love how Chet can DO ANYTHING!!
93. I love how Dante will say "Mom, you're the best cooker ever, oh, and Grandma too."
94. I love how when Chet and I ask our kids who they love more- they say- We love you two the same!!
95. I love how I know that my kids will always be there for one another and do anything for eachother.
96. I love how Dante is such a great leader!
97. I love how my kids follow my example in certain things .... as it reminds me that EXAMPLE is the most POWERFUL tool we have to teach our kids!
98. I love Chet because he KNOWS me! He GETS me!
99. I love my kids for their beautiful souls.
100. I love my family because they wake me up with sunshine EVERY day!
101. I love my family because we WILL be together for ever and I wouldn't have it any other way! I could not have hand picked a better family to share everyday/hour/min of my life with.


Here is to MANY more posts!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Last night, Chet and I, had the priviledge of going to "It's a Wonderful Life" the broadway version. It was AMAZING!! What a fantastic story!! At the very end after Clarence got his wings... the Bailey family sang a song about how "Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes... but the greatest gifts of all are LIFE and LOVE." I know this movie is a "christmas" movie-- but it really is a life lesson that is taught- and I think everyone should watch this movie on a monthly basis!!

There used to be this commercial of an "insvisible" person doing housework, driving family places, cooking dinner, moving their child farther back from the tv, etc... and that person of course was the mom.. and then it went into the product it was advertising, but how many times do we feel invisible? Like everything we do doesn't seem to be getting through, or make a difference, or we have to do it 100 times a day. We always feel like we are falling behind, and no matter how much we do in the day- we still feel like maybe we aren't doing enough, or we feel
stretched to our limit, and that if we just weren't here- then you can be replaced so easily with a maid, a cook, a chauffer, etc.....

But, it is not the day to day things, the routine things, that would be missed... but us, ourselves and everything we stand for and all of our LOVE that we have to give.

George Bailey sacrificed what he wanted to do in life- and wanting to make a difference in the world. Instead he was stuck in Bedford Falls so that he could keep his Father's company alive and not falling into the hands of a greedy old man, who only cared about money, and not how it
affected people. And, even though he didn't get to make a difference in the "world" that didn't matter- because he made a difference to Mary, his kids, Harry, and Bedford Falls.

This all reminds me of that one story about the little boy throwing star fish into the sea... and a man came walking by saying, why are you doing that- it's not like it matters, there are millions of these star fish washed up on the shore! You aren't going to make a difference. The little boy- had enough wisdom to reply, To that one star fish, I did make a difference !

I would love to be taken on a journey of what would happen if "Bertie" was never born! I think it would be a lot of fun... so that when I'm feeling blue or like I don't matter, I can just pull out that video, and be like- I CAN and DO make a difference, it is the small things that make a difference. I'm extremely loved by my wonderful little family, my extended family- I LOVE them tremendously-- I'm ALIVE and I can do whatever I want!! It is so easy for me to see how each and everyone one of YOU have influenced my life for the better... but sometimes it is so hard, for me to see what I have done for anyone else, but I must be doing something right if ya'll are all still my friends, and my family is still with me;)

But seriously! LIFE IS WONDERFUL if you are ALIVE and that much sweeter when you have someone special to share it with and the more bambinos the better!:)

Merry Christmas to everyone! Here's to wishing you a WONDERFUL LIFE!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The brain is a funny, funny thing

I think it is so funny/amazing how our brains work and how when we see certain things, our brain will automatically associate it with whatever we have learned to associate with that thing. Like- I see a puppy - I think cute, I see ice-cream- I think I need a spoon, I see an old friend - I think big hug and lots of laughs.

This morning- and it wasn't just "one of those mornings" where I didn't get enough sleep last night, or woke up really, really early and was just "out of it". I slept GREAT, no one came and got in my bed, no one knocked on my door, Chet let me sleep in, it was perfect! I could not have asked for a better night! So, when I did finally get up... this is how my morning breakfast routine went... and see if you can figure out, what happened with my "brain associations"

PS - don't ask me why someone put a hot dog in the handle of the milk jug?! If you ask me- it was to play a mean prank on mama!;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I did not grow up with boys, so some of the things that boys think and do are totally new to me! So, about an hour ago I was in the back vacuuming and I hear a couple of smashes and I figure it is Ethan trying to pop the child proof doorknob off the front door so he can go outside. I didn't think much of it- and thought I could at least finish vacuuming the back room before checking on him. Sure enough, he was able to knock the child proof door knob off with one of Chet's shoes.... and left the door part way open- and when I opened the door--- to my absolute HORROR I find him peeing in action in our front yard!!! I could not believe it!! If we are out camping, fine! - but not at home when we have 3 perfectly good bathrooms to use! So, as he is finishing up- I have to grab the camera- because I'm NOT going to let him live this one down!!! I asked him- why didn't you just go in the potty- and his response was "I just felt like peeing outside" and I was like- well, why did you feel like peeing outside... he was like- I don't know- I just did and it was close to me?? And I said- so you peed on our little ginger bread house?? And he was like- no... I peed in the grass (as he laughed) Okidoki, LOL! MAN! I was soo mortified that I did not step out past my front porch- just in case my neighbors were outside, or anyone happened to drive by and see! I was seriously dying inside-- I could NOT believe it!! AUGGGHHH:) Boys crack me up!!!

Gingerbread House time!!

This afternoon was Dante's Christmas party up at his school and our whole family was invited to come and help make a Ginger Bread house with Dante. I was excited about this- because it meant, I didn't have to do one here and the mess would stay at the school!!:) It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved it- and i felt bad, because there were 4 students to a table of "candy and icing" and my kids were eating more of the food then the others, so- there was hardly any left for them.. Whoopsies! Anyways- what I love about my kids soooo much- is that they are BEST FRIENDS! As soon as Dante walked in from recess-- they ran to him and were like Dante! Dante!! Gave him the biggest hug and were so excited to see him. Everytime Dante comes home from school- they are like- MOM- look- our friend Dante is here!! It always makes me so happy to see that they know they are more then just siblings stuck together!!:)

The funny thing about them being friends is when they aren't being nice to one another, one of them will throw an attitude and say- "I'm not your friend anymore." Then 5 min. later they are friends again--- but Ethan a few months ago was mad at me for some reason- and he goes, "MOM! I'm not your friend anymore!" As he proceeds to fold his arms and turn around and throw his head back like ,"humph" That is what he has learned from Erin! LOL!

Great Christmas gift for yourself!

This is a small advertisement for my wonderful friend Lindsey who is just now getting her feet off in the world of personal training. She is not new to working out or knowing her stuff at all though- she is as experienced as they come, she just thought she would now actually put her knowledge to use. She is due to get certified in Feb., so as of right now she is running a special for 30 dollars a month (which CAN'T be beat!!) I will back Lindsey up 110% on any service she offers because she is THAT amazing. Why not get this as a Christmas gift for yourself and start the New Year off right! She will be your cheerleader, she will give you your programs and tailor it to YOUR needs and each month it changes on how your body is responding and changing.... (this is rare to find in an actual health club- because they usually will have a basic plan for everyone) She will be in constant contact with you for whatever you may need. To learn more, here is her training website.......... She is in Springville, UT - but she will train you from anywhere. Lindsey is cute, fun, energetic, inspiring, knowledgable and is ALL that a personal trainer should embody! So I say go for it- and splurge on yourself for once and be selfish, because we all know, that when we take care of ourselves - we are better equipped to take care of the ones most precious to us. And as we say in the training world.... HAPPY TRAINING:)

Easy French Dip Sandwiches!

This recipe was pretty good and VERY easy- which is always nice:)


  • 1 (10.5 ounce) can beef consomme
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 pound thinly sliced deli roast beef
  • 8 slices provolone cheese
  • 4 hoagie rolls, split lengthwise


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Open the hoagie rolls and lay out on a baking sheet.
  2. Heat beef consomme and water in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat to make a rich beef broth. Place the roast beef in the broth and warm for 3 minutes. Arrange the meat on the hoagie rolls and top each roll with 2 slices of provolone.
  3. Bake the sandwiches in the preheated oven for 5 minutes, or until the cheese just begins to melt. Serve the sandwiches with small bowls of the warm broth for dipping.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Beware- you may throw up for looking at the image below!

Today Erin and Ethan kept getting all this stuff- and were like- we are making a potion. So, when I found the potion and what looked to me just like milk and water mixed with goldfish floating at the top... really turned out to be.............

water, milk, goldfish, ketchup, nutrigrain bar, pickles, rainbow goldfish and whatever else that dissolved before I poured it out. Now, this normally wouldn't disturb me- but before I poured the "potion" down the drain, I asked them if they made a yummy potion- and they both VERY enthusiastically stated, "YES!" I really hope they were just saying that- and that they really didn't try and taste it!! EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

What is it about................

SLEEPING CHILDREN.... that makes you forget anything bad that they have ever done, like breaking the 2 gallon pickle jar... right when it is opened, and then spilling a whole gallon of milk right after the pickle juice has been cleaned up, and then deciding to go and get feathers and poor it all over the milk to make snow(ok.. so he didn't really try to make snow-- but I can see it happening) Sleeping children are so sweet and angel like... I do love my kids ALL the time, but when I walk into their rooms after they are asleep at night to give them the last kiss of the night... there is just something about it that brings a smile to my face and reminds me of how lucky and blessed I truly am to have these little sweetums in my life!

This is how I found Ethan 5 min. ago- when he went "missing" and of course I looked in the computer room- but the chair was faced towards the computer and you can't see his head over the chair... so it wasn't like he was in there... but sure enough a little bit later..... he was:)

Cutest Santa EVER!!

This evening the UPS man came up to our door and this is what he brought! A cute little Santa! But- that is not all it is.....

It breaks off into little sections and in each section was a special treat or candy! My favorite were the mint truffles-- which were devoured in .02 seconds! Chet and the kids were kind of mad at me- but what can you do! LOL!!

This Santa is from Harry and David and was sent to us by my parents! I'm so excited about it- because now, for future Christmas's I can use it to store our holiday candy- instead of just out in bowls. Until then- I'll keep "slowly" picking at the yummy treats inside! :)